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Stone Stomper


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Thanks everyone for you helpful input and advice.

I checked out the mudflaps at a large truck supply place in Townsville and found that in amongst the large selection of flaps available, the widest I could find were not wide enough for my purposes - I needed 750mm but the depth was variable and I could have achieved that. I was told that they are made wide enough for double wheels and anything wider is difficult to come by. Also, for some reason, most of their available flaps were white in colour! I looked at conveyer belt and considered it a bit of an overkill regarding the weight considerations. Tough but heavy.

So, I went down the path of finding a rubber supply place and had the very helpful man cut from offcuts, two off 750mm by 330mm strips and he even punched 4x 8mm holes at the top for the bolts. Cost $20. A steel supply place across the road cut two strips of 3mm x 30mm aluminium chequer plate for me - $20 (min. cost). The fastener shop supplied 8 off 8mm x 50mm stainless steel bolts with washers and nyloc nuts. A few hours of farnarkling with drill and spanners and viola! two functional-looking flaps. They both tend to lean backwards a bit because they're attached to the lower end of stone guard which has something of a backward lean now that I've adjusted its position and hopefully gravity will do her thing and encourage them to assume a more perpendicular attitude.

I still think the Stone Stomper arrangement may be superior...



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We have just completed the Gibb with my 'new' guards in place. We travelled about 1100km in total including trips to Mornington and other stations off the Gibb.

I must say I'm very impressed indeed! The van front is almost clean and the A-Frame behind the flaps is virtually untouched. The red dust staining usually seen on the A-Frame after off-road travel is evident in front of the flaps and non-existent behind them.

When travelling, my Clear View mirrors enabled me to see stones and gravel hitting the flaps and being deflected sideways.

The combination of the extra forward tilt I applied to the stone guard together with the flaps resulted in no new dings to the back of the 'Cruiser. All in all, I'm very pleased with the result.



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Hi Morribm,

There 'used' to be a thread here in one of the sections, on how to post/upload a picture, I cant seem to locate it.

Our very efficient webmaster, once she reads this post I'm sure will come to your aid.

P.S. I'm also looking forward to seeing your photos

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Hi morribm

When adding a photo to a post there are several steps to the action:

  1. After you have typed your reply in the Reply to this topic box, click on the button More Reply Options.
  2. Look in the Attach Files section at the bottom and click on the Choose Files button. Browse for and select the file / photo you need.

  3. When your file / photo is selected, click on the Open button.

  4. When your file / photo is updated and is listed on your screen in the Attach Files section, click on the Add to Post button.

Repeat steps 2 to 4 for as many photos as you need. When your photos are all uploaded and added, (and be aware that when you preview the post the photos will show only as text details) click on Add Reply.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you are still having problems.

Happy to help! :)

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Thanks Lea,

At last I've got round to it.

My flaps are pretty much the same as Webby's shown in post #11 on this forum with the exception that mine cost me about $40 and some fun time.


This shows the completed fitting:


This shows the protection of the A-Frame behind the flap.

What is not shown is that the stone guard on the Kedron doesn't extend laterally far enough to protect the outside edges of the van so that when viewed from the front, there is an edge of about 100mm which still cops it from the gravel/stones thrown up. Unfortunately, the diesel heater diesel heater filler spout is in that area - but so far so good with mine.

Finally, you may not see it clearly, but I had my stone guard cut off at the A-Frame bracket and re-welded so that it would adopt a good forward lean. I note other vans' stone guards have an even more obvious forward lean.


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