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Clearview mirrors

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Hi Ricky,

Yes, I can still supply the quality range of Clearview products.....at very competitive pricing.

Please get back to me, with the make, model, build date of your vehicle and delivery postcode also preference for black or chrome mirrors.

Mirrors have to be delivered to a physical address.....can't be a P.O. Box.



zero four one two 415466

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Hi, Tony.


Looking to get some Clearview mirrors for our Toyota Fortuner (current model). Can you PM me with an idea of cost...and how easy they are to self-fit! I've seen the video, but need to know if it is that easy.



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Hi Tony,

We own a 2016 VDJ 79 Series Dual Cab Landcruiser and looking for Cleaview mirrors (black with no lights). Would you have anything  available?



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Just wanted to say a big "Thank-you" to Tony for the Clearview mirrors he supplied to me. Not only a great price, but they were here surprisingly quickly - only a couple of days. I fitted them to the Fortuner today and (apart from dropping a couple of screws into hard to retrieve places!) they are all solid and ready to go when the new van arrives.

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Thank you Tony for organising our ClearView mirrors - arrived today (quick delivery!) and great price.  Really appreciate your help Tony ??

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