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Air command air conditioning unit life expectancy?

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Hi everyone, our 07 ATV family van air command A/C is not producing cold air. I've just had it looked at by our local a/c fitter and it was low on gas. Now this means it has a leak somewhere which they couldn't find in the time frame I gave them, that means they will need to do more diagnoses which at $90/hr it may get up there in $$$$. My question is what sort of life expectancy on air command unit have you seen?

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G~Day Goodys

There is a guy in Caboolture Qld. that does good work on van fridges called The Fridge Whisperer.A decent fridgy should be able to find the leak easily,the van A/Cs are not that complicated.Usually a copper pipe leak.



PS I am guessing you are at Owens ck.Qld. not Tas.? :)

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Yeah mate just west of Mackay up in the Pioneer Valley. They are a basic unit like an old box air con system. My delema is do I posabilly spend $1000 + on parts and labour on a unit thats 9 years old? Which may only last another 1yr or so and I still have to fork out another $2000+ on a new one? but if these old units will punch on for 14+ years or more I'll look at getting it repaired. 

Cheers Rick

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Ok an update. Was lucky enough to have found out that a mate has a mate which is a fridgy and a good enough lad  to came and had a look at the A/C unit. And spent about an hour looking for a leak and found nothing as well in the condenser, piping, compressor and evaporator? But what he did find was that the Schroeder valve in the test point was leaking. He replaced it and pressurised it to 300psi again and will be leaving it till next week and come and check it to see if it looses pressure? Fingers crossed that's all it is! 

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