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Fridge fans

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Has anyone out there installed extra fans to the back of the fridge compartment for extra circulation to expel hot air and reduce load on the fridge. Already have two vents fitted, but with the big fridge freezer fitted, there is not a lot of room when you take the vent off.

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20 hours ago, Gary Clarke said:

there is not a lot of room 'when you take the vent off'.  


When I'm parked up, I open the external fridge 'service' access door a few inches (halfway) to promote better air circulation.....works for me!

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About 12 months ago I fitted a larger bottom vent and during the very hot weather late last year on our return home to Brisbane through Victoria and NSW, it certainly made a difference. It is a fiddly exercise to fit a larger bottom vent as there are wires to avoid when cutting. A larger top vent may also be on the jobs to be done.

There is not a clear path for air to rise to the top vent so a fan makes good sense. To overcome the fan running when not needed in cool/cold weather, wiring a switch into the circuit would be useful.


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However, not all vans are equipped with a service door for the fridge. They only have a vent and there would be no benefit in removing it.

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Hi Gary


Give some thought to installing a Valtera internal fridge fan to circulate the air inside the fridge as well.  Ebay, around $40 and the best money to spend.  Simply velcro onto the bottom shelf, powered by two "D" batteries.  We have actually dropped the temperature back a bit since installing one and it stops a lot of the condensation on the rear wall of the fridge. (Waeco/Dometic)






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