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Selling a used XC3 Kedron

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Fellow Kedron Owners

We are the happy owners of a 2012 21' Kedron XC3 but have decided to slightly downside (20') to another XC3 with some interior changes. Have listed the van on Caravan/Campingsales and Gumtree (3 months now) with little response. We are new to the Kedron Owner's Group so I may not have put this post in the proper place but would welcome any helpful suggestions or comments on best ways to advertise and sell. Thank you all in advance.

Wayne McAndrew   

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Hullo Wayne.


Welcome to the Group. 


We have been down the same track of selling a Kedron, and buying a new Kedron.


My advice, for what it's worth, is to post your details in the 'for sale' section of the forum. Please include a brief history of the van i.e is it under cover, where has it been etc, also a description and features of your van etc, and importantly as many photos as you can.  


I guess the most important thing is to post a realistic price on it.........if you were a buyer, what would you prepared to pay for it. I know it's not easy, but don't let sentiment get in the way!!!!


Wayne, I hope this helps in some small way to achieve your objective. 


All the best.



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Wayne, the more appropriate section of the forum is here:




Have a look at the type of detail others have provided as a guide to what information is likely to be useful, and of course, put some photos in too.  If you have any problems, send me a private message (or just reply here) and I will help with putting the details up on the forum.


Good luck!


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