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We are about to fit an automatic roof mounted Satellite dish on our Kedron XC. 2006 model.

Can we have some feedback on the what members have experienced with either of these units. we have space for either unit however the Satking has a much smaller footprint. 

we will be having the unit installed by Solar N Sat in Gin Gin.


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Hi there Geoff & Joy.


We went for the Oyster system on our current and previous Kedrons. Never had any problems anywhere in Australia. 


When we stop for the night, the 1st thing I do is to put the dish up and get a picture. That way we ensure the dish has a clear view of the satellite and no trees etc are in the way. A few times we've had to move a few metres one way or the other.







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Hi Geoff and Joy

Totally agree with Pete. We’ve had an Oyster and Satking for years and completely happy. As he said trees can be a problem at times but you can usually work around that.

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Hi John, Sorry I should have said the Satking Promax not just Satking

The Satking Promax Satelite dish is a square unit of very low profile satellite receiver using new technology. They come recommended by

 Several installers and have a similar warranty to Oyster of 3 years. I Have seen several Kedrons as well as other makes with the Satking Promax receivers but not had the chance to seek their opinions. 

How have you found the Oyster in strong winds. Does it hold the signal and or do you retract it for security.




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Hi Geoff 

According to the manual the  Oyster is ok up to 130kph. We haven’t left it up for anything approaching that and no problems with reception. In strong winds we still have good receprion. 



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