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Club 4x4 Insurance


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Hi Guys

Just though Id share out recent experience with Club 4x4 insurance.

We had an accident with a cow over easter, taking out the front of the cruiser. I tried to call the insurance company only to find they are only open Mon - Fri 8 - 4pm. 

Given that it was easter weekend I called them first thing Tuesday morning to advise them of the accident. I was asked to supply photos, dash cam footage, driving history and rego papers for the cruiser which i did. A few days went by and I hadnt heard anything from them, so i called and got told once they has something to tell me they would contact me.

On Wednesday 11th April I received a call from the claims dept of club 4x4 and they confirmed for me that the cruiser would be repaired and that it would be transported from Gin Gin to Mackay, where we are currently. They also provided me the name if the repairer.

On Thursday I call the repairer to see that they have received communication from the insurance company and they confirmed for me they had... Happy days or so I thought.

On Friday I received a text message to call club 4x4 urgently, so I called only to be told by a claims consultant that my claim has been denied and my policy cancelled do to non-disclosure of 9 vehicle insurance claims prior to inception of the policy which was back on 6th April 2017.

I was flabbergasted as I knew this not to be true, I asked them to send me the report.

On closer inspection of the report from IRS, there is 1 at fault claim for Jemma and 4 windscreen replacements (not all for the same vehicle) that are dated prior to the date of inception of the policy. There is 1 at fault claim for Dalton and 2 windscreen claims ( again not for the same vehicle) and a closed claim from Allianz all dated after the date of inception.

I have have been in touch with RACQ who was the insurance company for all claims bar 1 windscreen which was with Club 4x4. and they have advised me that windscreen claims and not a claim on your insurance but rather a benefit that is supplied to you on the purchase of your fully comprehensive policy. Both policy's for the at fault accidents for Jemma and Dalton are in both mine and their names.

Allianz is not even a claim but rather an inquiry, someone backed into me and I made an inquiry as to the excess and whether I should claim it through insurance, it turned out the excess was more that the cost to repair the car so I personally paid for the repairs.

I have gone back to Club 4x4 with this information and asked for my complaint to be escalated.

On Tuesday 17th I received a call from the claims manager of Club 4x4 whom informs me now that I proven them wrong on the statement of the non disclosure of 9 vehicle insurance claims, they have now decided to move the goal posts and tell me that the claim Dalton had which was after the inception of the policy was not disclosed to them at time of policy renewal, that their decision to deny my claim and cancel my policy stands. So my question here was, why is this accident in contention when it was Dalton's claim and not mine. Apparently I am dishonest and now deemed a high risk for insurance.

Today I have written to the Internal Dispute Resolution committee and requested a review of the decision and I supplied them all of the above information. I have asked them the question, this If I am held responsible for my kids accidents does that mean they are held responsible for this accident (Andy was driving).

Now we have to wait upto 45 days for an answer......

In the mean time I asked if we could move the cruiser and I was told by the claims manager " do what you like its your car". I have now made arrangements to have the cruiser transported from Gin Gin to Mackay to the nominated repairer, totally at my cost of course and of course I now have to pay for the accident tow and the storage fees as well.

I will keep u posted on the outcome, but please if you are insured with Club 4x4 be careful as they clearly are not easy to deal with and in the event of an accident you may have a fight on your hands like we do.

Please feel free to share my experience with others that you feel may need to know.

Regards Di & Andy Grant


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Hi Andy


I have been there and I wish you well.  The Insurance Company's now will use any excuse they possibly can to deny your claim.  The reviews that you have requested are done "in house" by the Insurance Company and I would be very surprised if you get a different result as they will only look after themselves.  I suggest you take it straight to a Solicitor and have them lodge a claim with the Financial Ombudsman if there is such a thing in Qld.  If you are successful you can then claim your legal costs back from the Insurer, but this can take some time.


All the best



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Hi Andy,

What a s..t fight you have gotten into with an errant cow!

Wishing you a less stressful conclusion to the already negative experiences you have already gone through.

You only find out how good an insurance company/broker is.......when you have to make a claim!

Just asking......if the cow was on the road, can’t you claim against the farmers policy?


Stay strong .........fight the bastards.

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Thank you for your comments. Apparently the laws changed and farmers can no longer be held responsible financially however on the flip side it also means that we are not liable for the dead cow.


we have asked for our complaint to be escalated to the IDR team, we now have to wait 45days to slow them to respond before we can go to the ombudsman.


thanks Andy

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Just saw your post on Facebook, GREAT news the insurance company have reversed their decision.

Just a suggestion, consider getting a quote from Ken Tame at renewal time!

Stay safe 

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That is great news Di and Andy.  


Any victory over an Insurance Company when they start playing funny buggers is certainly one to celebrate.


And another one for Ken Tame.






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Hi all Ken Tame ? Have been insured with them  for some time now but received the renewal notice this week and thought I Better compare prices . RACWA and Apia are both $600 cheaper!! 

Seems like Ken is going to miss out . 

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Hi John & Jo,

Suppose in some way, I’m waving the ‘KT flag’.....not that I’m getting ANYTHING from it and I truely respect your choice, BUT can I suggest you really compare apples with apples!

Do alternate insurers cover you fully for dirt roads and recovery.......return of caravan after repair.....accomodation in the event of a mishap?

There is a lot more.....to be checked when comparing apples with apples ? 

I’m happy to ‘maybe’ (after checking) pay sometimes...... a premium for (hopefully) peace of mind.

Stay safe!

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Thanks Tony I will check it all out . 

You are right plus I have had a claim with KT, no problems at all .

Dont really want to leave them .


Apologies to Di and Andy for hacking your thread . Hope that you get things sorted out soon. 


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Hi all


Yes we had a win with the insurance company, however the fight is not over, they may have overturned the decision to fix our truck but the communication from them to get things happening is dreadfull.


I did however call KT to get a quote and they were not to bad on price, definitely someone we will consider at renewal time.


anyway happy travels to all.


Andy & Di Grant


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