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Truma Aqua Plus vs Camec instant HWS

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We have just ordered a Kedron Compact and have the option of the Truma Aqua Plus instant HWS upgrade from the standard Camec for an additional $1000. We would welcome the opinion of owners of these systems to determine if it is worthwhile opting for the more expensive system.  From what I have read the Truma Aqua Plus has a more consistent temperature. Cheers.

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Hi Trevor and Linda,

Forgive us if we piggback off your question, as we are about to go up to Kedron on 25 Aug to make our final decision on ordering a CP5 Compact, and your question is ours as well.....    we will watch for any replies with interest.....

Is yours the CP5 Compact?   We are a bit confused, as all the marketing shows the CP5 Compact with the door near the front, but a pic on the Kedron Facebookgroup has the door near the back... 

Can  I ask what your configuration is, as we have only been offered one layout....?




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Hi Liz and Graham

The CP3 appeared to have a rear door.



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Hi all

We picked up our AT5 up in April. It has the Truma hot water as standard. We went to Tasmania in May, June so it was a bit cool. The truma worked well in the shower. The washup water seemed to be a bit cooler. My theroy on this is that the water has further to go in the cold pipes and the stainless bowll is also cold. You dont use as mutch water in the sink to be able to warm every thing up.

The thing that is good is that you turn it on and in 2 or 3 minuites you have hot water. You can also have a shower one after the other. You don't have th wait fot the water to heat up again. My opinion is that they are good. Are they worth an extra $1000 ?



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