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New member seeking feedback on CP5 Compact - likely to order in a few weeks...

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After twenty years with our unbreakable and very wonderful Kimberley Kamper trailer-tent, we have decided that in our sixties we are now grown up enough to have an onboard bathroom, and a hard roof when it is pouring!  We were in the queue for a Kimberley Kruiser E-class but, as most will know, Kimberley are now in liquidation.  We have a number of close friends with Kedrons who cannot speak highly enough of the vans and the company, so we are now on course for a CP5 Compact.

To any owners of the CP5 Compact - we are flying up to meet Paul Willcocks on Sat 25 August 18.  If, before then, you have any comments, feedback, or can help with the sort of 'intelligent questions' we should be asking, we will appreciate you making contact with us.  Moving from a compact 900kg low- centre-of-gravity trailer to a large two tonne box will be quite intimidating, so all help, advice, suggestions are welcome.   (Will be towing with our 100-series petrol Landcruiser).

Thanks in advance to any CP5 Compact owners who have any advice to offer.


Graham and Liz.

(Terrey Hills NSW)

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Welcome Liz and Graham



You will be in very good hands with Paul he has a wealth of knowledge and will probably give you some great ideas.  We have looked at down grading from our Top Ender to the single axle Compact and have checked them out at the factory just prior to the Brisbane show.  I am sure that they will certainly impress you and you will not regret your purchase.






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We have a Top Ender and this is our second Kedron.  We love the brand and cannot fault the after sales service from the Galls.  We have taken our vans over every rough track you can think of and had no issues whatsoever.  Love Kedron!

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Hi Chris,

thanks for that.

We have had so much positive feedback that we are now pretty comfortable with the brand, so when we fly up to Kedron in a couple of weeks it will come down to the right model and layout - i suspect we are still looking at the relatively recent Cp5 compact....

thanks again for troubling to comment - much appreciated.

Liz and Graham.

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