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Tow characteristics of 20’5” XC5

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XC5 tow characteristics in the 20’5” size. I would love to hear from owners of such vans or similar as I have short listed Kedron for purchase. I had a single axle 2,500 ATM from AOR and it towed anywhere at any speed with great stability. Hence the concern of steeping up to a larger heavier and wider van if this changes significantly. 

Tow vehicle LC200 with with 3,850kg Lovells upgrade. Will Load distribution hitches be required or needed to enhance tow characteristics. The Kedron seems to have greatly improved their internal finishes and look very plush, it’s not lucking any luxuries. However I don’t like the issue of not having a black tank which only needs emptying once a week. How are cassettes dealt with in the bush with no dump points, dig a hole and empty I guess?

Any advice on the Kedron ownership would be greatly appreciated.  


Does anyone know the law of having a  van with higher ATM than a vehicle is allowed to tow if the van is kept loaded below the vehicles tow restrictions of say 3,500kg. 

Thanks John

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Hi John , we own a Top Ender with upgraded ATM to 3990 kg towing with 200 series with Lovell’s 3850 and 4t towing upgrades. 

Our usual weight is around 3.4-5

sometimes a little more and found that with the Hitch easy Hitch the van tracks better with the distribution bars . Just feels safer . 

Regarding emptying the canister sometimes you just may have to dig a hole . 

We haven’t bothered with a grey water tank but if buying new it probably would be a good idea.

kedron in my opinion build a great caravan which will take you where ever you may want to travel , they are well finished with many features and top quality extras .

The best is though the after sales backup and service is second to none. The Kedron team will bend over backwards to help you . 


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