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Dust Proofing a Kedron

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Hi All, long time since I posted on this site. The reason for todays post is that I have finally after 10 years of trying fixed the dust Ingres problem that I have had with our van. The answer was that the pressure on the inside had to begetter than the pressure on the outside. This has been achieved by installing a CaraFan in place of the exisiting Fantastic Fan. The CaraFan was created by Lyons Air-conditioning in Perth. It provides high volume filters air into the caravan cabin keeping the inside pressure above that of the outside pressure. I had it fitted by the Kedron people at the factory.


I have just completed 250Km of gravel, with lots of dust, and not one drop of dust inside the van. Happy wife happy life. This has been one of the best bits of kit that I have added to the van and we are very happy. You can have a look at the product at carafan.com.au. I have attached a photo.




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Hi Bruce,

Just had a look at the website....this looks like a top bit of gear. Just spoke to Ryan Lyons Air-conditioning in Perth he tells me that Caravan HQ have a van at the Brisbane Caravan Show with one of these units fitted, might have to go to the show now to have a look.

Thanks for the tip on this product.......not that my Kedron leaks dust!



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Thanks Bruce, that's fabulous. Our 9 yr old van is getting dust in too, I've tried every thing to keep some sort of pressure inside. We're on the other side of the country now after about 3,000 kms of dirt with the Plenty, Gary Junction Rd & Marble Bar to Newman in the past month, so I guess we'll be looking into 1 of these units when we get home in spring time. Meanwhile, it'll be more dust to put up with  ?

Sue n Rod


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