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Registration .......2019 AGM & Christmas Gathering


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2019 Kedron Owners Group Inc

Christmas Gathering & AGM


Kedron Owners Group Inc.


Wednesday 6th – Sunday 10th November 2019.


This years theme



Travel Safely



Kilkivan Bush Camping & Caravan Park, Rossmore Rd, Kilkivan. Qld.

(07) 54841340 (w) bushcamping.com.au (e) admin@bushcamping.com.au



PLEASE take note of these dates and venue!



This year's AGM & Christmas gathering is going to be a great experience....


A lot of work has/is going into making this a wonderful & memorable occasion and we are hoping that you will be attending!

******** Tuesday 5th Nov is Melbourne Cup Day.....if you wanted to, maybe arriving Monday or before Tuesday lunch we could have a bit of extra fun.....ladies don't forget your fascinators ********

Proposed timetable for this gathering (subject to change),


Wednesday 6th November.

Arrival & set up.

Happy hour @ camp kitchen.


Thursday 7th.

Morning free.....maybe explore the beautiful South Burnett area.

Returning just after lunch for the first of our confirmed informative presentations

Telstra, will be our first presenter..... remote communications (satellite phones & mobile repeater systems)

Queensland Ambulance.....emergency response & first aid in the bush. (TBC)


Happy hour @ camp kitchen sponsored by Kedron Caravans, come & hear Glen Gall talk the about the future direction of caravan building & design.


Friday 8th.

Morning free.....

Returning just after lunch for our second session of presentations.....

Queensland Transport Main Roads (TMR)..... getting a real grip on weights.

Roadcraft.....Driver education.

Hypodrive.....Healthy driving.


Happy hour @ camp kitchen.


Saturday 9th.

Starting the day with Ralphies famous complimentary pancake breakfast....not to be missed!


Morning tea....followed by the AGM.


Returning after lunch for the Secret Santa ($15 gift value per van)


Returning again.....

Three course sit down dinner, $30ph 'licensed' function area (sensible alcohol pricing) Entertainment TBA?


Sunday 10th.

Morning free....clear the cobwebs.....maybe a 'locker tour'.....a swim in the pool...explore the local area.....sit back & relax talking with new & old friends.


Pack up....... say our farewells, then wishing you a safe journey to your next Kedron destination!



OK, ..............have we whet your appetite for a great gathering!!


Now is the time to register and confirm your attendance.


Step 1. Please reply to this post and indicate your arrival & departure date & Sat night dinner.




For KOG & KCO Facebook members......

Please contact Ralph or Antonia @ Kilkivan Bush Camp 07 54841340 to pay your deposit of $50.00. If your call goes to a message machine please just leave your contact details and you will receive a return phone call in due course. Tell them you're with the Kedron group, and indicate if you wish to have a powered or non powered site. If attending Saturday night please advise of any dietary requirements to Ralph or Antonia!


Step 3. Check back here every 7 to 10 days for updates & info and check on who else is attending. The organisers of this gathering have been working hard to make this the best gathering in recent history. We are hoping you will support us.... as we are supporting you!


Step 4. Don't forget your Secret Santa $15 value per van/couple!





***Pricing guide for Kedron Owners Group (KOG) members.....


Accommodation package (4 nights) for 2 (including morning tea Saturday) $100.00

Saturday night function $33 (approx) per head x 2                                             66.00


(Accom package is for 1 or 2 people)


***Pricing guide for Kedron Caravan Owners Facebook Group.....


Accommodation package (4 nights) for 2 (including morning tea Saturday) $130.00

Saturday night function $33 (approx) per head x 2                                             66.00



(Accom package is for 1 or 2 people)



Pets are welcome.....usual conditions .....on leads and clean up after.


NOTE.....No mobile coverage (at the camp)




Name                                                               Sat Dinner                                     Arrival                          Depart

Heat  Tony & Annie                                               Y                                                   5th                               11th

Lee     Rod & Sue                                                   Y                                                   5th                               10th

Saunders  Clive & Sandra                                    Y                                                   5th                               11th

Broadbent/Berry    Madden & Trish                  N                                                   6th                                  8th

Bonson    Ian & Jacqui                                         Y                                                   6th                                10th

Sommerlad    Barry & Carolyn                             Y                                                  6th                                 10th

May   John & Maureen                                         Y                                                   6th                                10th

Clayton   Steve & Kerry                                        Y                                                    8th                                10th 

Hines    Greg & Heather                                       Y                                                    6th                                10th

Flynn    Peter & Margaret                                     Y                                                   6th                                11th

Smith   Lionel & Margaret                                    Y                                                   6th                                11th

Marshall   Nev & Penny                                        Y                                                   6th                                11th

Fisher   Nick & Gail                                               Y                                                   7th                                11th

Pullen   Allen & Kerry                                            Y                                                   7th                                10th

Hyde    Phillip & Gaye                                            Y                                                  6th                                11th

Miller    Doug & Jean                                             Y                                                  6th                                11th

McConachie   Ron & Judie                                   Y                                                  5th                                11th

Palmer  Ian & Sue                                                   Y                                                  6th                                11th

Ashe   Laurie & Helen                                            Y                                                  6th                                11th

Kinnane    Greg & Henri (Henriette)                     Y                                                 6th                                 10th

Archibald   Robert & Beryl                                     Y                                                 6th                                 11th

Fawkes  Bill & Vicki                                                Y                                                  7th                                10th

McBride   Shannon                                                Y                                                  7th                                10th

Lister    John & Noela                                            Y                                                  6th                                10th

Burgess  Bob & Grace                                           Y                                                  6th                                10th

Jones  Robert & Jane                                            Y                                                  6th                                10th

Everingham  Noel & Bev                                       Y                                                  6th                                 10th

Burgess  Geoff & Joy                                            Y                                                  5th                                 11th

Boyce   Dan & Susie                                              Y                                                  6th                                 10th

Kyd   Rod & Mavis                                                  Y                                                  5th                                 10th

Wedlock  Jim & Anne                                            Y                                                  6th                                 10th

Scott   Trevor & Linda                                            Y                                                 7th                                 10th

Rowlands   Mark & June                                       Y                                                  6th                                 10th

Bennett   Richard & Liz                                          Y                                                  6th                                 10th

Kitchen  Bob & Florence                                        Y                                                  8th                                 10th

Van Draanen/Hickey  Paul & Denise                   Y                                                  6th                                  11th

Mann  Rod & Di                                                       Y                                                  6th                                  10th

Van Geelan   Rob & Jewel                                     Y                                                  8th                                  10th

Lovelock  Maureen                                                Y                                                   6th                                  10th

Stewart   David & Karen                                        Y                                                   6th                                  11th

Hoile/Lynch    Sue & Ann                                      Y                                                   6th                                  11th

Groves?   Craig & Jodie                                        Y                                                   7th                                  10th

Parker   Ken & Sheryll                                          Y                                                   5th                                  10th

Halls  Brian & Raelene                                         Y                                                    6th                                  10th

McKinna  Geoff & Lorraine                                  Y                                                   6th                                  11th

Whiting   Ken & Maree                                         Y                                                    7th                                  10th

Jenje   Simon & Pauline                                       Y                                                    9th                                  10th

McCallum  David & Kerry                                     Y                                                    6th                                  10th

Barns   Darryl & Gayle                                          Y                                                     6th                                  10th

Wilkins  Clive & Shirley                                        Y                                                     8th                                  10th


Rowlands   Mark & June                                     Y                                                     6th                                  10th

Edwards  Steve & Linda                                       Y                                                     6th                                 10th

Nott  Peter & Jenny                                              Y                                                     7th                                 10th

Freeman    Mike & Robyn                                    Y                                                      7th                                 10th                                                                                                     





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Rod and Sue will be attending , and a yes for the dinner. Will be expecting Nev to be the new secret Santa with his full white beard unless Clive still has his. 

Will contact Kilkivan to book.


Regards Rod and Sue.

p.s. Hope all our repairs will be completed 

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  • TonyH featured and pinned this topic

We will be making the trek across the Nullarbor for this event.  I for one cannot stand the thought of missing out on all of the fun and excitement and after all it is only 4619 kilometres and according to Google Maps we can do it in just two days.  Hmmm....   I am thinking more likely two weeks via Broken Hill, Cobar.  😊.   Please pencil us in - Ian and I arriving the 6th and departing the 11th.  Of course we will be having Saturday night dinner with everyone, can’t miss that either👍😊

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Hi Sue & Ian,

WOW that's fantastic......good chance you'll win the travel award.

Travel safe & looking forward to seeing you.


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Finally.............  The plan has been hatched.   All is now booked and paid and we will arrive together on November 6th.  Phew.   After looking forward to coming across and telling everyone I had a message a couple of weeks ago from my friend in the USA whom I have never actually met.  She reminded me of a conversation we had over a year ago where I stated I am always home in November when told she was coming through Geraldton for a day on a cruise ship.    Ekkkk....  November 4!   How to get from here to there (4675klms) in just a couple of days towing the caravan, nope, can't be done.   I have pondered and procrastined over logistics for weeks, I thought I was going to have to call the trip off.  THEN....  Ian suggested he bring the Kedron and I hop onto a flight as soon as she has visited.  Living in Geraldton flights are normally mega expensive to get to Perth but I thought I would look up the cost anyway which I did.  Turns out I could get a "reasonable" priced flight so it is now booked and Ian will set off from here around the 25th October, we will meet up at Lawnton.  


Now after reading all of this I am hoping some of you guys might know a bit about trains from the airport to Lawnton station.  We have looked and it seems I might have to walk a kilometre or so from the domestic terminal to the international terminal as I arrive around 6.30pm on a Tuesday and trains don't run at that time from the domestic.  I don't have much experience with public transport as we don't have it here so hoping one of you is knowledgable.


looking forward to catching up.



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Hi Sue


Although we live in Brisbane, we are going up to the KOG gathering on the Monday, so we may not be able help directly.


What day do you actually arrive in Brisbane. When does Ian arrive at Lawnton.


The Lawnton Showgrounds lock their gates about 5.30pm.  If Ian is there, he can get a key that will open the gate. 


The train service from the airport will take you into Central Station via Bowen Hills Station. From either of these stations, you can get a train to Lawnton Station, it’s on the northern line to Petrie/ Caboolture/ Redcliffe.  It’s only about a ten minute walk from the Lawnton Station to the Showgrounds. By train, this trip could easily take a couple of hours, depending on the connections.


I don’t think walking from the domestic to the international airport terminals to catch the train is a safe option.  Even though it is only a kilometre or so, there is no footpath. You would have to walk along a very busy road, at night!!!!!!!


Personally, why not ask Ian to pick you up at the airport, it’s about a 40 minute trip from the Lawnton Showgrounds to the airport.  That would be much more convenient and less expensive than trying to get train connections at that time of night. On the other hand, a taxi/ubur from the airport would cost about about $70-$100.


Alternatively, there are several hotels at the airport that offer overnight accommodation,  Ian could pick come and get you the next day.


Anyway Sue, these are only a few suggestions. 


We’re looking forward to meeting you both.


Cheers from Pete.



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Good on you Peter,

I knew a Brisbane ‘local’ would come to Sue’s rescue.

Travel safe.....there are idiots out there. 

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Thanks Pete for your valuable information


We are regular users of Lawnton showgrounds so no problems there.  Ian will arrive a day or two before I do so will be able to go shopping etc.  hmmm....  Note to me - give him a list.  


Ian was trying to avoid having to tackle the traffic and park at the airport and though since we had managed to get from Lawnton to the caravan show on the train then I shouldn't have an issue.  Here in WA the Perth terminal is notoriously hard when it comes to picking up people and we thought Brisbane might be the same.  I honestly think that when the day arrives he will probably opt for picking me up.


Thanks again.


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No problems Sue.


I’ll pop over to the Lawnton Showgrounds when I think Ian is there, and see if he needs anything. The Showgrounds are only about 15 minutes from where we live.


Cheers from Pete.

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Hi everyone!

We will be first time attenders this year and we can't wait! There will be myself (Jodie), hubby (Craig), son (Campbell) and our boy Duke (Golden Retriever). We will be coming all the way from Gympie, haha probably the shortest distanced travelled! We will arrive on Thursday 7/11 and leave on Sunday 10/11 and we will all be attending the Saturday night dinner. Thanks for organising this, we are really looking forward it and being able to put faces to names that we've seen on FB.



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Hi and welcome Brian & Raelene,

The more the merrier. I will add your names to the attendees list shortly, all I ask is that you contact Kilkivan Bush Camp & advise of your dietary requirements.

Looking forward to meeting you both. 

Cheers & travel safe



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Hi Tony,

I registered a month or two ago with yourself & booked our site, however, due to the ongoing drought, feeding stock & lack of staff to cover us, unfortunately we will have to pull out of the Christmas party. I have notified Kilkivan. Hopefully we will see you all either on the road or at next year’s Christmas gathering!


Jodie  & Matthew Fauchon 

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Hi Jodie & Matthew,

Very reluctantly withdrawing your names from the list of attendees @ Kilkivan. 

We can fully understand the plight you are in, and the stresses you must be going through, if only it was as simple as doing a rain dance.

Stay strong, stay safe & may rain fall soon & steadily!

Wishing you and your family all the best for Christmas 🎄 

Tony H

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