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Alloy rims for sale

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We have just completed the process of changing the rims on our recently purchased XC3.

The previous owner had specified zero offset rims on the XC3 in order for them to be interchangeable with his Landcruiser 70 series however, 100 series and 200 series rims are a 60 offset. Most Kedrons have 60 offset rims although some have zero offset.

We changed the rims to be interchangeable with our old faithful 100 series.


There are 6 rims for sale, 16'' X 8, 5 stud with zero offset. They come with centre caps with Kedron on them, and wheel nuts. The rims are in very good condition.

All are fitted with 265 75 16 Goodyear Wrangler tyres, one has 100% tread, four 80% and one 50%, with a 2912 production date.


A friend in the caravan industry suggests $900 for the 6 rims, and reasonable offers will be considered. 

The tyres are a freeby.


There is also available  a 16" 60 offset alloy 100 series Cruiser rim available with worn tyre fitted.


Cheers, Bas




Rims 1.jpg

Rims 4.jpg

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The rims have been sold and I am waiting for the ad to be deleted.

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