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Air Conditioner upgrade


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G'day one & all,


I'm currently looking into the options of upgrading the air-conditioner in our 2012 Top Ender.


Just wondering if anyone has upgraded to a 3.5kw GREE air-conditioner unit. I would appreciate any feedback in regards to noise, cooling efficiency and any other issues worthy of consideration.


Look forward to hearing of your thoughts. 


Cheers Philip

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Hi Phillip,

On our ATV we originally had a Dometic B3200 fitted from new, yes it worked (in a fashion) but was very noisey both internally and externally.

After some investigation I decided to update and go to the ‘new’ at the time Dometic Harrier unit.

We have been very happy with our choice, it is much (a lot) quieter inside and nearly silent outside, it has a much quicker cool down and having an inverter compressor is less power hungry when using the inverter (I can easily use the a/c in excess of six hours just on the inverter with 400 amps of lithium at night I have just on 1kva on the roof panels which lets me use the a/c with no worries in full sun)

The Harrier unit is still a current model in the Dometic range and we are very happy with our choice…….sorry don’t know anything of the Cree unit.

Have a safe and happy Christmas 

CU down the road

Tony H

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