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    Generally, three way fridges are not more efficient in the tropics and high heat. There will be differing opinions on this but over the years I have seen too many informed comments from people on the topic indicating there to be a problem with the three way fridges - even the tropical rated fridges. Kedron will have made the decision to stick with the 12volt fridges for a reason.
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    We had similar problems with our RPD215. It just wouldn't perform and was chewing up too much power. We bit the bullet and replaced it with the RPD-218 which is a way better design. Many thanks Nev for the advice on getting the changeover done hassle free. cheers Stu
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    I had same problem and I would turn the fridge off for 30 seconds every month, this worked until 5 days ago , woke up in morning and 14c . We had problems from the start , fridge whisper twice . He tells us working fine , yes it works for about a month. I believe this RPD 215 are not made to use continuously . I know of other vans with same problem . Best fix take it to the dump where they should all be and buy a RPD218 which is made for our climate. All you need to do is cut the opening 20mm higher. Nev