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    Mike I think you'll be fine with that setup providing the unladen weight of Keddy is around 2900-3000kg. That leaves around 400kg ish for water and goods and as you said you can dump some of your gear into back tray of LC. Anything above that eg TE with 3.5t+ will be a battle. Of course anything is doable, just depends on what speed you sit on and a lot of other stuff. But an AT5 should be fine.
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    Hi Ernst. We have just done the same treks. The 3 treks you mentioned are all a bit different. You may need to adjust your tyre pressure to suit. Several times we re-adjusted to suit the conditions ie the corrugations, stones, rocks, bulldust etc. In general, we ran our ATV for two at 30psi. Our 200 series Landcruiser at 28psi front and 32 psi at back. We had no tyre problems, all good. Just be flexible and be prepared to adjust your tyre pressures to suit your rig. What suited us, may not suit you.. All the best, and enjoy the journey; we certantly did. Peter