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    It was a cold morning today....minus 2 in the van before the diesel heater kicked in. I hope we can get the ice off the windscreen before heading to Rick and Lea’s....
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    Hi call into the Birdsville Lodge if you need anything.Brian and I are in Birdsville for a couple of months. Water will not be a bother.But if you are camping out by the river bring sturdy ground cover as the bindis are bad this year. The flies are out in millions( I am not joking) you will need cover. The nights cold but days beautiful.
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    Good Morning Geoff & Marion I did this some time ago by removing the tanks from the Van which gave me better access for cleaning, there was also a plastic plug in our tanks which I removed, then partially filled with water & was able to give them a good shake & roll them around then letting all the water drain out, repeated this several times until clean water running out then for the last time filled with clean water & added the required amount of MILTON which is a cleaner you can get from the Supermarket, [used for cleaning babies bottles I think] let this sit for awhile then drained & flushed & re fitted tanks to Van, re connected hoses & filled with water & all was good. Happy Travels Neville & Kay.
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    Hi All, we're new to this (KOG & caravanning), so apologies if we don't get the procedure correct. We are thinking of heading (next couple of weeks) to the Kimberley area via Alice Springs , and the Tanami track & wonder if anyone has done it with a (modified) 100 series T/D Landcruiser towing a 20ft ATV, & if so ANY thoughts, ideas, suggestions ? Would love to catch up with KOG members along the way if anyone is interested (happy to provide mobile /contact info). Cheers, Robin & Jenni (Adelaide)
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    If they are the grey plastic (Kedron) tanks, they will be baffled as that is how they promote them............................... that should sort your baffle-ing problem
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    Need to remove twelve years accumulated sediment in two 80l and one 60l black poly water tanks in ATV. Problem caused by half inch drain point not at lowest point.Any suggestions ?? Only access is via filling/drain point.Camec recommend tank clean.
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    I reackon the locals know a thing or two about alpine fuel and it’s additives! We do usually put some kerosene in the tank every now and again but not in a cold climate where the fuel comes already treated.
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    We have this to lookforwd to. Heading over on Friday for 5 weeks. David & Karen
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    Welcome Chris, Congratulations and I’m sure you will have a lot of lovely adventures with your new van. Cheers, Sandra and Clive