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  2. Hi bill, can you send me bsb numbers for payment please. Lorraine

    thank you

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      Found it. 
      thank you

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  4. Hi If you are still looking for an 18 footer we have an 2006 18'6" Topender for sale contact me. Bryan ccoaldri@bigpond.net.au
  5. Hi Ann, I did get onto the constitution through "Chrome" web browser under my ordinary name (not webmaster) just to make sure. Safari and an older version of explorer were giving me problems as well as my virus protection which wanted to stop me. Once I got past that I got in. Not sure what the website certificate is about but will talk to Bill and see if we are supposed to doing something about updating it. Hope this helps.
  6. Hi Karen, I note the above. I tried to open the KOG Constitution document today and it would not open. Further, some warning came up about the website certificate had expired 325 days ago. I’m not sure what all that means but just letting you know. 😀
  7. While we still have some caravanning days in us we have decided to sell our beloved, comfortable and faithful ATV and have purchased a 2014 XC3. While it is not a massive difference in age, the criteria that a replacement van had to be a Kedron has been satisfied. When we unpacked the ATV we were amazed how much "stuff" we had been carting around, and for much of that "stuff" the travelling days are over. Here is the link for the ad. 2006 Kedron ATV-SSE-AD-6903532 - caravancampingsales.com.au Bas
  8. If you are still looking for an 18 footer we have just listed our ATV for sale. Here is the link 2006 Kedron ATV-SSE-AD-6903532 - caravancampingsales.com.au
  9. There has been a large update done to the website. If you encounter problems please advise me. The banner size has changed as well. I will need to rework this.
  10. Thats right Tony, Kedron pressure reducing valves are the American Shurflo brand. I understand that they make a 65psi model as well, (the current Kedron models are set at 50psi) do you know of anyone that has fitted the 65psi one? and would the extra 15psi affect the internal plumbing in your view? regards Macca
  11. Hi Ann, Great tip, but...... The water pressure regulators (in our vans) are completely different, but serve the same purpose. I am not sure if you can pull apart/overhaul the type fitted to Kedron’s. Happy to be proved wrong. Thanks for the contribution. Tony
  12. Not sure if this will help, but it’s worth a read - https://rvdaily.com.au/five-minute-mods-restore-your-caravans-water-pressure/
  13. Hi Tony, I will email you. Karen
  14. First off.....I will declare an interest, I am an authorised reseller of the Clearview range of products. The OP is not a member or owner of a Kedron. Yes, the OP (Trayon) definitely has a problem, but on that would have taken a considerable length to get to that 'stage' action should have been taken on first noticing the 'failure' of the powdercoating. There was a batch of mirrors produced several years ago that did suffer from this problem, Clearview at the time were accepting this fault as a warranty extension & happily supplied & fitted new mounts to rectify t
  15. We have the same issue, but didn’t notify them as I didn’t do it when I first noticed. Looks like a common problem
  16. How long have they been on the car. Our have been on for nearly 8 years and touch wood we are showing no damage like that.
  17. We have the same issue, but unfortunately they are no longer under warranty. Would be interested to know if you receive a reply. Are your's electric mirrors, or manual ones?
  18. Have sent Clearview Towing Mirror an email regarding the black powder coating flaking off. But no response.
  19. Hi Tim, One area you will need to get your head around is the weight of the van and the weight limits of the car. There is a ton of stuff explaining this on the web.
  20. Hi Tim I am a Victorian based Kedron owner (7 Years) and would be quiet happy to talk to you and answer any queries you may have. If I was to replace my van it would most definitely be another Kedron Warm Regards John
  21. Hi Ken I fitted a double Thule to the front of my van just over 2 years ago See attached photo. I carry an E bike that weighs in at about 20 Klg. have had no problem with it. I do turn the handle bars around sideways which makes access a little easier to all compartments.
  22. Looks very pleasant & relaxing.....enjoy!
  23. We are at Onkaparinga’s Pink Gums campground for a couple of nights. It is right on the edge of the McLaren Vale wine region, and not that far from the city. But it feels nice and peaceful. There are 11 sites in all but not all fit a caravan of our size. Most do, though.. We are nicely settled in, as you can see.
  24. No improvement, I am also told that the problem could be in the hot water non return valve but it cannot be gotten to from outside and is right behind the diesel heater so may have to "go with the flow" as well
  25. I would be interested to know if it improves or will you be like us and just ..................... "Go with the Flow" 😋
  26. G'Day all, I am looking to get a bike rack for a-frame mounting. I'd appreciate hearing what you have, see a pic, and how it goes and what to be aware of. What brand or type you settled on. Thanks heaps. Ken
  27. Thank you, I have ordered a replacement, will see hoe not goes Macca
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