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  2. It’ll be fine. We had a 2009 ATV2 for 9 years before upgrading to the new AT5. Went everywhere including Gibb River Road, Tanami Track etc. Very happy with it and the great service we received from the Gall Boys 👌
  3. Hi all, We had a new 23'6 JB Dirt Road Extreme but sold it last year and decided to buy a 2009 21' Kedron ATV-2 instead. Although the weights are similar, it is smaller and will be easier to manoeuvre, as well as being more robust. We will be taking it on its first trip (with us) to Yeppoon in a couple of weeks. Look forward to seeing how it goes.
  4. Hi Dan, I hope by now you have found someone to inspect the vans. Sorry can't help. Good luck with your choice. Clive
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    Keep this date free for our annual Christmas Party. More news to follow
  6. Hi! Hopefully somebody has a couple of suggestions. I need the name of a recommended mechanic in Adelaide (SA) and also Ipswich (QLD). Someone to inspect a van prior to purchase. Appreciate your help. Dan Maher
  7. All items listed before 2019 have been moved to clean up this site.
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    Flanagan's Reserve 8- 10 September 135 Flanagan Reserve Road Barney View QLD 4287 https://www.flanaganreservebushcamping.com.au/ This event is being organized by our wonderful secretary/treasurer Jenny Bayly Come along for a bush camping weekend on the 8- 10 September. We hope you can join us! Add your name to the list here or on the Facebook page! 8- 10 September Camping cost is $14 per person per night. Flanagan Reserve will accept payment on arrival. Bush Camping | Campsite | Barney View QLD, Australia (flanaganreservebushcamping.com.au) Located just 45kms south of Beaudesert and offers 28 acres of open bush camping. The reserve is completely 2wd accessible and can take big rigs. All camping at the reserve is unpowered, however we do offer power points at our amenities block. Showers are 20c coin operated ONLY (20c per minute) Pet friendly Some photos below from the Facebook page O0cOur reserve is located just 45kms south of Beaudesert and offers 28 acres of open bush camping. Edited Saturday at 04:08 PM by Nev and Penny
  9. Very sorry to hear this. We wish you both all the very best and pray the treatment is very successful! Lis and Doug
  10. Hang in there Mavis, we are thinking of you and wishing all the best. Bob and Flo xxx❤️
  11. Hey Guys, Thinking of you both, you keep up the good fight Mavis. We are both thinking of you and sending positive vibes and strength. Love xoxox Nev & Penny
  12. Hi all, very new to this brand, however ended up here due to purchasing a lesser manufacturers product and lost near on 70k... another story for another time🤬. I'm interested in the method and material used for flooring on earlier (2007 to 2008) Top enders. About to take delivery soon of a single axle 7.7m (overall) 2008 model and curious how well they resist any moisture ingress. Thankyou for any insight😊😊 JC.
  13. Have recently returned from a trip to SA . Travelled from Noosa via lightning ridge to Broken Hill to lammaroo SA then to Barossa Valley onto Victor Harbour then return. Van and Chev performed brilliantly, Had 35km/h head wind coming across the Hay Plains that was different.

  14. Hi fellow travellers. I am attaching our current trip report, and sending it from near Longreach QLD. Ahh the weather is glorious. I almost feel sorry for the folk back home! Chris Stage 1 April 2023 Barossa to Alice Springs.pdf
  15. Rod, I am so sorry to hear this. She is going to have a bit of a fight on her hands but she will have the best of support while she deals with it. Give her our love! Chris and Val
  16. Brittle old red pipe snapped 10cm from entry to van. I need to replace but can't work out where pipe is located IN the van. Are there pipes coming up from underneath behind the water heater (not visible)? Or is it the one under the kitchen bench on same side as filling point?
  17. Hi Brian Try Andrew at Award Canvas and Vinyl, 21 High St, Kippa-Ring 0417 700 637. We have had Andrew make various things for 3 vans over many years and regard his quality of work highly. I was going to say "Barry sent me" but he may charge you double!! Not likely. Highly recommended. His last and very recent product was for our XC3, a protective cover for the awning when it is rolled up, for when stored outside. Regards, Barry
  18. Hi Brian , Kedron have only recently stopped replacing damaged front window bra's , I can only suggest that you try a local motor trimmer / upholsterer to replace . They would most likely require the old one as a template.
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    Hi Robbo , Have not had the experience of converting our cassette toilet to composting , but I notice their are a few conversations regarding this on perspective on Facebook pages , Kedron Caravan owners and also Kedron Owners Group . Just type 'composting toilets' in their search bar.
  20. I need a new bra for the front window in our ATVii and Robyn suggested I make enquiries via the owners group as someone may know where to have one made. WE are located on Bribie Island so North Brisbane would be fine. Thanks, Brian Roberts
  21. robbo


    Thinking of converting the cassette toilet in our 2012 Xcountry 18 footer to a composting unit. Has anyone had any experience? Cheers, Robbo
  22. Who did you have your original van insured with. Did they pay what you expected. We are currently with CIL and thinking of moving to RAC and just trying to get a fix on prices.
  23. Sorry to hear of your diagnosis and hope you stay as well as you can for as long as you can. Give it hell Mavis.
  24. hi all. Short note to inform our friends that Mavis has just come home today following a week in hospital with a treatment for a breast cancer diagnosis. Unfortunately she had an MRI yesterday that showed she has the bastard in the spine hips and scull. She is in a good place with a good attitude so far so keep the contacts coming, any dirty jokes or not so dirty as an alternative are acceptable 😀 call if you have the number or find it from friends. cheers to all. Travellinkyds Rod and Mavis
  25. Have a great trip. We will follow your exploits when we get back. Are you headed down our way after August??
  26. All going well, we plan to leave here at home in SA on Friday, for our annual migration to warmer places. It has been a much later start this year as we had family related stuff to do here. Our plan is to head North to Alice Springs and then West across the Great Central Road to WA. Our itinerary takes us North up the Oodnadatta Track after a few days around Clare then the Flinders Ranges. We should head off from Yulara on the GCR on 27 June. I think we will stay the night at Curtin Springs before hand. The van's wheel bearings have been greased, the floors washed, bed made, and some food already in the van. I can't wait to enjoy warmer weather! Will we see any of you out and about on these roads?
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