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    Hi Rod Please put our name down on the list 30th September to the 7th October. Looking forward to seeing everyone. Donna and Al O'Brien
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    Hello fellow Koggers Your committee is looking into holding a gathering that will coincide with the Australian Camp Oven Festival at Millmerran Qld. At this stage full details for group bookings are not yet finalized, however it appears that it will be similar to the Tara Festival, where our group was given a specific code when booking on line. Other information at this stage is a follows- Online tickets $50.00 for weekend pass per adult Unpowered camping sites $85.00, camp on site from 30th Sept through to 7th October for the 1 cost no matter how many nights you stay. The festival is on the 5-6 October. Please note these dates in your calendar etc Thank you Rod Lee President
  5. A guy is driving down the road when he spots a gypsy caravan with a sign outside saying, "readings $30" Thinking, "this could be a laugh", he pulls over and enters the caravan. The gypsy immediately grabs his hands, looks at them for a couple of seconds and stares into his eyes. She says, "sweet child o' mine, livin' on a prayer ,stairway to heaven, don't dream it's over." "wow", said the guy, "those are my favourite songs!" "impressive", he continues, "please, tell me my future" "can't" exclaims the gypsy, "I am just a four tune teller"
  6. We replaced our shower mixer tap some years ago. Just bought normal one from plumbing show. Haven't had a problem since.
  7. Hi all, I have a 2011 TopEnder with a shower/toilet combo. The shower mixer tap is starting leak. Before I go and remove the tap I just wanted to know if the mixer tap is a special caravan mixer tap or will I be able to replace or find parts from the local plumbing outlet? Has anyone had to fix or replace the shower mixer tap? Please let me know of any problems removing it or obtaining replacement parts. Thanks in advance Rob
  8. Great report, loved the bakeries
  9. Always enjoy reading your reports.
  10. Richard, I did ours myself. I purchased the (Black) Midge mesh from Bunnings. It is an easy process and there is a stack of info on this site about it. check the search button. Cheers Steve
  11. Hi Dan i use Mobile Trailer Service based on Brisbane, owned by John who used to build the Kedron Chassies. Can’t recommend John highly enough! He’s very knowledgeable, reliable and very experienced. Rgds, Peter
  12. I enquired of Kedron if they could replace the flyscreens/blinds on my 2012 Kedron ATV. Robyn tells me that Kedron do not provide this service anymore. Can anyone recommend a repairer in the Brisbane/Sunshine Coast area that can tackle this job and do it properly? Thanks …. Richard
  13. Jokes taken off the blackboard at the Cox County Club blackboard (off Darwin) in 2021 I tried to say NO to Vodka, but it was 40% stronger than me I don't drink alcohol I drink spirts, therefore, I am not an alcoholic I am a spiritual. 24 hours in a day 24 stubbies in a carton COINCIDENCE??? I can't afford a holiday, So, I am going to drink until I don't remember where I am!
  14. Never heard of them but had a look at the clip. Would be worth a thought if we got another high vehicle. Enjoy
  15. This morning over here at Port Lincoln we are having new running boards (steps) put on the Landcruiser. It will make getting in and out of the car easier. Let’s be honest, it’s for me, not Val. He has no trouble getting into the car. I find after the Lovells upgrade, which raised the body of the car, it is a pain to haul myself up into the car. When the car door is opened the steps will lower, and when the door is closed they will raise. They are called Clearview Powerboards, and are not cheap. But will be worth it. I saw them on a friend’s vehicle and was super impressed. https://www.clearviewaccessories.com.au/powerboards/
  16. Hi fellow travellers. we are now on the Eyre Peninsula in SA, and off on a trip to WA. So far we have been generally lucky with the weather despite a few hot days. The Eyre Peninsula is a cool area and a good place to be when it’s warm. Anyway, here is our latest report. Stage 1 January Eyre Peninsula.pdf
  17. Doing another cleanup of the 'For Sale" items. Anything in 2019 that has been sold please advise. Thanks
  18. Webmaster enquiring if you sold your van?
  19. Were you successful in finding a van?
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    Is your van gathering dust in a shed , dreaming of taking it out for a enjoyable relaxing short trip away . Well have I got a trip for you. Our members Rob & Jewel have once again offered their working cattle property for a gathering . I have lost count of the number of times they have graciously offered their property to host a gathering. Previous gatherings have been very relaxing and peaceful, with the only worry to decide which side of the communal camp fire to sit around so that smoke is not attracted to you, a big decision in life. Whilst this gathering is only appox 6-7 weeks since Australia Day gathering & the Robertson Showgrounds NSW gathering ,it is always a very enjoyable catch up. Details are as follows- - address is 100 Kilkivan-Tansey Rd , the driveway is on the left, immediately past the golf club. We will endeavour to have a Kedron flag at the entrance. This is a working cattle property, if you go through a closed gate, close it after yourself. Entry gate to be closed at all times. - pets are allowed , but must be under control /lead at all times. - as on previous occasions we will have a communal camp oven/camp fire cook up and share our delights. This will be either Saturday or Sunday night. We may endeavour to have a meal at the local pub, yet to be decided. - There is no power or water available, however the township of Kilkivan is approx 3 Klm's away & has a dump point and water taps available. From talking to Jewell & Rob the property is looking very green, which is great to see. Rob has requested that we all bring a long handled shovel to help de-silt the small dam ( Only joking)
  21. I usually assign this task to Nev, maybe I will look at the video. 😃
  22. We have had two Kedron Vans both have had two Sirocco fans fitted. I think they are fantastic until they need cleaning. Not sure of what happened to the directions on how to clean them. With the help of Google "Cleaning Sirocco Fans" I found a couple You Tube videos. Suddenly the task of cleaning the fans became a pleasure. If you hate cleaning the fans, do yourself a favour and do what I did and watch the demo. I will no longer have to look at a dirty fan.
  23. Hi Russ! I came across this thread looking for some inspiration for an alternative to the Seitz roller blinds. I like your idea and will most likely build something similar. I was just wondering if you hinged your flyscreen frame at the top. Or do you have to pull the whole flyscreen out each time you want to open and close the window? Thanks, Tim
  24. Please join us for a relaxing weekend at Robertson Showground (140Ks Sth of Sydney,47 Ks SW of Wollongong) in the Southern Highlands All Kedron Caravan Owners welcome. Arrive Friday leave Monday, 3 Nights. Showers Toilets Camp Kitchen and hall available for our use. Dogs OK $20 Per van per night Power and Water. Lots to see and do in the area. Friday evening happy hour we will have a trivia quiz with some great prizes (thanks to Glen Gall) Saturday night for those interested we will have dinner at the Bowling Club. 2315 Kangaloon Road Robertson NSW (Enter from High Street) Please let me know if you are coming.
  25. Chris

    Solar panels

    Hi Chris. Our panels are not flexible, but rather the fixed units which are on top of the van. They are Victron brand which we got from Trip Tracks (David Bellette). I am not sure about the longevity of the flexible panels. Are they proving satisfactory? (I hasten that I add nothing about them). But I do know it is always good to increase solar wattage and lithium capacity 😆 Chris(tine) PS I can always give you David Bellette's contact details but am not sure if he supplies flexible panels.
  26. ChrisW

    Solar panels

    So Chris, Did you do a Solar Panel upgrade? Would you like to share what you ended up with? I'm in the planning stage for replacing my solar panels, and adding another battery for my 13yo TopEnder. My current system is 4 x 130watt panels, with 2 x Lithium batteries. I replaced the original 3 x 120 ah AGM batteries about 4 years ago. The batteries were still working well, but I was looking for some weight savings. So, I'm looking at installing 4 x 300 (or 400) watt Flexible Solar Panels giving me 1200-1600 watts, and adding another Lithium battery. All this depends on is whether I can find flexible panels that with fit my railing system, and the everything is compatible with my Xantrex C60 DC controller and Xantrex TC6012 TrueCharge2 Battery Charger. Regards Chris Wallace Perth
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    January 26 Australia Day 2024 Join us from Thursday 25th – Monday 29th. Nanango Showground Cost $26.00 per night per couple with power and water. Please pay individually with the caretaker Glennys on arrival HOW TO GET THERE Driving into Nanango on the D’Aguilar Highway, enter via Cairns St go past the office to the caretaker. We will be grouped together near the cattle sheds. Campground 129 Drayton St, Nanango, Queensland. Toilets Available Disabled Facilities Showers Available Drinking Water Available Rubbish Bins Available Dump Point Available 2 on-site. Power Available Mobile Phone Reception Pets Permitted. What to expect: The Show grounds have an Australia day events to be confirmed. Wear your best Aussie day clobber and decorate your van. The great Aussie Thong and Gum Boot throwing contests. Other fun and games to be decided on the day. Saturday Night We will be having a dinner on Saturday night 27th January at The Commercial Hotel Nanango Hotel. Please join us for one or two night or for the whole 5 nights.
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