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  1. until

    Hi Sandra & Clive We would love to attend for FOUR nights please. Powered site, and a meal at the pub would be great with us with the courtesy bus Thank you Donna and Al
  2. until

    We would love to attend. Tired of renovations, need a break away Al and Donna O'Brien
  3. Donna and Al

    Australia Day Weekend


    Donna & Alan will be attending 22nd to 27th, and dinner at the local pub on Saturday night would be great. Thank you
  4. Donna and Al

    Christmas Gathering


    A great gathering for us. We really enjoyed meeting everyone again, after two years.
  5. Thanks every one. It's in the sun all day, and unfortunately we had just been to Kedron, five weeks ago, and now just noticed it split. Just thought someone else may have replaced one.
  6. Hi Rick. We have already contacted Kedron, they want $45.00 for a cap. Just trying to source it from somewhere else. Van is 2.5 years old Thanks for your assistance Donna & Al
  7. Hi All Just wondering if anyone has had problems with Caps splitting on the diesel Heater tank. If so, what did you do for a replacement please. Look forward to your responses Donna and Al O'Brien
  8. Hi Group We met this couple a few months ago, and they are looking for someone to take the position of Caretaker for six months. They are residing in their caravan at a Marina at Coomera "The Boat Works" at Beattie Drive Read below: "Do you know of any grey nomads that would like to be a caretaker here on the Gold Coast. We are looking for another couple to caretake after we leave end of October until end of April (that's 6 months). Or if 2 couples are interested maybe they can do 3 months each. We are coming back to resume caretaking beginning of May. They have to have there own accommodati
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