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  1. We have done two tours of Tassie. First one for three months Feb to May - not long enough. Next from Nov to well June as it turns out (COVID). It is expensive to get van and car that size over approx $1,800 to $2,000 return. Not sure what the new prices would be from Geelong though. Secondary Roads are narrow and you have to be organised to do as Sandra suggested, drop van and venture out but worth the trouble. Not sure of the state of free camps and National Parks since COVID. Some were still closed when we left in June 2020. We had a great time, and only missed the West Coast due to stupid fridge (fixed in Penguin). Went for another try and got as far as Waratah but snowing in December so gave it a miss. Certainly not a trip you would regret, you just need to make sure you book far enough out and have your return trip booked. Doesn't mean you can't move it, but if it gets busy and you haven't booked your return trip you have no hope of getting home. We prefer going during day on way over and night on way back. That was when you docked in Melbourne, presume it will be easier at new Geelong facility.
  2. It was late in the day when a fully loaded minivan pulled into the only remaining campsite. As soon as it stopped, the doors flew open and four children jumped out. They began to unload gear and worked feverishly to set up the tent. Next, the boys ran to gather firewood while the girls and their mother set up the camp kitchen area. The camper in the space next to them marveled to the children’s father, “I’ve never seen such teamwork nor a camp that was ready so quickly. I’m impressed.” The father turned to the neighbor and nodded sagely. “I have a system,” he said. “No one goes to the bathroom before the camp is set up.”
  3. Both of these have now been removed. Thank you for notification.
  4. No, can't say we have an our van is nine years old.
  5. If you have previously listed an item for sale and it has sold and still on the 'For Sale" list please advise so it can be removed. Our last clean up was 2017. Thanks
  6. Loved the photo of weetootlla park. Another trip has just flown by for you both. Stay safe now you are home.
  7. Another great report Chris. Pity we missed all those places this time due to rushing across the borders. Never mind.
  8. until
    We are in the process of securing a new venue for this event from the 14th to 17th of October. Information will be posted when we have secured a new place.
  9. Loved the report - and the sunlit lizard. Sorry to hear about your brother but at least you got there in time.
  10. Update done and website seems to be alright. Crisis averted
  11. I have been onto Panthur and moved our PHP to 7.4. Now to attempt full update. Keep your fingers crossed
  12. Hello members and guests to the Kedron Owners Group Inc website. I am looking for anyone who is computer tech savy to help with an issue on the website. I have a graphics background but no idea about the behind the scene workings of the website. Our current host - Invision recently changed there help to us and I find myself in a bit of a pickle. If you think you might have the necessary skills please contact me. Thanks
  13. until
    - 2nd to 5th December for Christmas gathering, to be held at Rubern Lagoons Tourist Park (private property) just outside of Chinchilla Qld. Thank you Sandra for your suggestion. I will be asking for indication of numbers around late August. They have 30 powered sites and approx 20 unpowered sites. Current fee is $25.00 pn for power. Please refer to WikiCamps for further info on camp site.
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