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  1. So relevant in these COVID times
  2. Attention all financial members, I wish to inform you that the Kedron Owners Group AGM will be held 9:00am Sunday 24th January 2021 at Rod & Jewel’s Australia Day Gathering 100 Kilkivan Tansey Rd, Kilkivan. Qld. Your committee felt that this would be an appropriate time to hold this meeting due to the fact we had to cancel the proposed November AGM due to COVID. The positions of President, Vice President & Secretary/Treasurer are open for nominations. Your current president is definitely stepping down this year. PLEASE do consider standing for one of these positions
  3. Website is working and secure again. Hoping this stops some of the problems we were experiencing. Realise it won't solve everything - baby steps.
  4. until
    XMAS DRINKS, over looking the beautiful Fraser Island Friday 11th to Sunday 13th December, 2020. Join us for Xmas Drinks and celebrate the end of 2020 at our place. 15-17 Windjammer Circuit, River Heads, Q 4655 Self-contained Vehicles, come with full water tanks, empty dunnies. Entry confined must be 2.7 or less Wide. NO Pets. This will all be subject to COVD-19 Regulations. Restricted to Ten Vans We can't let the KOG Group go without a Xmas drink. Bring your swimmers (no skinny dipping) BYO Food and Grog.
  5. I have been attempting to update the website which unfortunately has locked us out. Working with the two suppliers Panthur and Invision to rectify the problem. Had some success but unfortunately I need to continue to fix it properly
  6. Hi Ann, I did get onto the constitution through "Chrome" web browser under my ordinary name (not webmaster) just to make sure. Safari and an older version of explorer were giving me problems as well as my virus protection which wanted to stop me. Once I got past that I got in. Not sure what the website certificate is about but will talk to Bill and see if we are supposed to doing something about updating it. Hope this helps.
  7. There has been a large update done to the website. If you encounter problems please advise me. The banner size has changed as well. I will need to rework this.
  8. How long have they been on the car. Our have been on for nearly 8 years and touch wood we are showing no damage like that.
  9. until
    ROB AND JEWEL’S PRIVATE PROPERTY AT KILKIVAN WILL HOST THE 2021 AUSTRALIA DAY WEEKEND 100 Kilkivan-Tansey Road (next driveway from the Golf Club) (New driveway) Arrive from Friday 22nd January 2021 to Wednesday 27th January 2021 Friday night at the Bowls Club (if open) We will have a camp fire in one area each night. Subject to fire restrictions. Camp Fire Cookup which will be a shared event. Everyone will cook something to share. Australia Day games and lots of fun. Arrive with water in your vans. (bring
  10. Our RPD 215 has completely given up the ghost in the middle of a trip. Not rushing back to have it fixed this time just having the rotten thing taken out and dumped.
  11. until
    SATURDAY 12th to FRIDAY 18th SEPTEMBER 2020 Join us on a mystery trip around the Burnett District of Queensland. We will meet at a secret location, stay overnight, then move onto the next destination the following morning. At Happy hour you will be notified of the following days destination. The distance between each overnight stop will be no more than 120kms (unless you get lost, go for a drive or just detour). The whole trip should not be more than 350kms over the duration. Evening meals will be at local pubs (except for one night, we will have to cook our own)
  12. Big must have is a diesel heater. On our third trip around and due to Covid we were in Tasmania for much longer than anticipated. Would have frozen our bits off without it.
  13. Thats just mean. I am camping to0, just in the same spot - all the time - for weeks.
  14. until
    Hi Koggers, I have contacted Water NSW and they expect Bendeela to be opened around the end of Feb , so we are planning to have the gathering from the 19th ~ 22nd March. So please join us , Bendeela Road , Kangaroo Valley NSW Camps 9NSW 579 Camps 10NSW 661 GPS 34 44 21S 150 28 15E This is a free camp Generators OK Good drinking water available There are toilets & a dump point Sorry NO pets & NO fires allowed This will be just a relaxing few days near the river , swimming , fishing , kayaking Plenty of area - no limit
  15. We have used two repairers in Tasmania Coast 2 Coast in Penguin for a fridge electrical problem - they came to us 03 6437 0921 0428 567 929 and Alpha Caravan & RV Centre 10 Ascot Drive Huntingfield Tas 7055 03 6229 1513 They have a lot of spare parts as well
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