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  1. Hi Bas, Thanks for the info regarding Kedron and the RPD-218's. We have decided to go with the 190L Bushman fridge Cheers Rob
  2. Hi Ross and Leah, My local caravan repairer has looked at my Van and my Waeco RPD215 and said that the Waecvo RPD218 will fit ok. The Bushman 190L is a smaller fridge so should not have a problem. The van repairer guy said that there may be a small gap at the top which could be blanked out with piece of timber or whatever material you might like. I have contacted Bushman and they have said that their next shipment due this month is all spoken for by van builders, there should be another delivery in June or July. I rang around many Bushman fridge retailers to no
  3. Hi Bas, Not sure if it will fit in the same hole, they are about 70mm deeper. Anyway, as far as I can see, they are also not available at this time in Australia. They are also about $1000 more than Waeco or Bushman. We are going to wait for Bushman to get stock in. Cheers Rob
  4. Hi all, Have made many phone calls and found that Dometic do not make the RPD-218 any more and none to be found in Oz. Dometic now make a new model that will not fit into the same hole, it is about 100mm taller and much thinner. Thanks Dometic, just what us older van owners need!!!! At this point in time there are no other fridges available in Oz that I can find due to the Covid problem holding up importing goods. I found that Bushman make a 190L DC fridge that will suit, but alas, they are waiting for parts to arrive from O.S. W
  5. Hi Karen, Thanks for your input. After your comments, I think we will look at replacing the fridge rather than fixing it. Can you tell me which fridge you replaced it with, brand, model, size etc. and where you purchased it. Regards Rob
  6. Hi all, Our TopEnder is 9 years old now and still going strong, but we have a problem with the Waeco RPD215 fridge. The "Fault" light comes ON randomly and flashes 3 times every 5 seconds. It does this for a while, anything from a few minutes to an hour or so. While the fault light is flashing the compressor is NOT running and the small fan at the rear cycles as well, then eventually the fault light stays OFF and the compressor starts to run again. The freezer section is keeping everything frozen ok, but the fridge section does tend to increase in temp when the fault light is fl
  7. Hi all, last November I had to replace the Xantrex battery charger in our TopEnder. The new charger worked ok for about a month and then started playing up. It would not keep the batteries at 100%. Sometimes letting the batteries get down below 90% and would not kick in. The supplier of the charger, DPA Solar in Melbourne, sent me another charger, they were quite helpful. Now with the new charger about 4 days old it is not always keeping the batteries at 100%. The eLite monitor is showing the batteries anywhere from 100% down to 99.3%. It has been very ho
  8. Hi all, Looks like I might have a faulty battery. Just over 12 months ago we replaced all 3 120aH AGM's with "AmpTech" brand batteries. The eLite is showing a declining SOC whilst batteries are on the 240v charger, volts are showing about 12.9v (they are usually over 13.2v). I don't want to change all 3 again, only after 13 months, I would assume that only one of the batteries is faulty. Question:- Can I replace only one battery with a different "Brand", i.e. same 120ah capacity and also AGM, but a different Brand? Is this ok to do? Thanks in advan
  9. Hi all, we are considering buying a folding solar panel to keep our car aux battery charged while out bush. I have a 120aH AGM battery and can easily discharge it down to about 60% SOC in one afternoon using my HF radio (Amateur Radio). I have calculated I would need a 120w panel. I have seen various panels on ebay and at other outlets for around the $200 to $300 mark, and also for 2 to 3 times these amounts. Some of the cheaper brands claim A grade panels with multistage MPPT controllers and all waterproof and in stock in Australia. Some even say they are a s
  10. Hi Brian, yes, I found that this fuse is for the two anderson plugs on the sides of the van. The "bible" incorrectly labels this fuse as "Anderson Charge", this confused me until Ashley at Kedron pointed out the error. Thanks for your reply Rob (Hermit)
  11. Hi all, we have been free camping over the last 3 nights. This morning after the third night the SOC (3x 120aH batteries) was down to 65%. We were using the TV and Sat boxes, so I guess we used more than we should have. Even though it was very sunny (hot) and clear skies, the charge rate from the 3x135w panels was about 20a, is this correct? Anyway, the car aux battery was also down a fair bit. I had replaced the 30a Anderson charge fuse under the battery cover with a 40a fuse because it had blown and that was all I had. We travelled about 30k down the road to the next town and I f
  12. Hi all, I have just purchased a new Dometic front loading washing machine (WMD 1050) to replace the one on the van that died. I noticed that the drain hose on the original machine had a larger hose over the top of it. The original hose was pushed all the way into this outer hose almost to the connection point outside under the floor and the 2 pipes were glued/siliconed at the end behind the machine. Anyone have any idea why this was done? I think the drain hose that comes with the new machine might reach all the way to the connection point out side the van,
  13. Hi all, our Dometic washing machine (model WMD1050) has been quite noisy for a while and now it has stopped. I can hear what sounds like the electric motor spinning, but the drum is not rotating. I suspect it may have a drive belt that has broken. Does anyone have any experience repairing these machines? Can anyone give me any ideas about removing it from the cabinet and dismantling it, I am a tradey (electrician) so I'm pretty good with my hands. It is a front loader and it is in a 21' 6" TE (2012 model). Any help/advice appreciated.
  14. Hi Beejay, I have used the Silicone spray and it has made a big improvement to the roll-up blinds. I think eventually the insect mesh will need to be replaced, they are stating to discolour, but for now I am happy with the spray. Cheers Rob
  15. Hi all, many thanks for the info, I will give the silicone a try first and see how it goes from there. Thanks again Rob
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