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  1. Hi All, long time since I posted on this site. The reason for todays post is that I have finally after 10 years of trying fixed the dust Ingres problem that I have had with our van. The answer was that the pressure on the inside had to begetter than the pressure on the outside. This has been achieved by installing a CaraFan in place of the exisiting Fantastic Fan. The CaraFan was created by Lyons Air-conditioning in Perth. It provides high volume filters air into the caravan cabin keeping the inside pressure above that of the outside pressure. I had it fitted by the Kedron people at the factor
  2. Hi All, just spoke to Ashley at Kedron about getting one of these installed and he told me that it was against Kedron Policy to install them. Anybody got any idea why?
  3. Hi Clive and Sandra, The distance between the partition and the door is 185cm. If there is any other info I can help with please do not hesitate to contact me. I have added a phew more pictures. Regards, Bruce
  4. Hi to all, I thought I would share a conversation that I have recently performed on our Kedron. We got sick of being unconfortable with our Cafe style seating. First I removed the cafe style dinett from the van, which meant that there was damaged internal paneling. I removed this and took the van to Kedron who replaced the panneling and built a new wheel arch cover. Great job by Ashley and the crew. I purchased two Nordic 21 chairs which in my opinion were a little low for the van. I raised these by 45 mm as by installing a block of wood as showmen in one of the photos. The chairs were posi
  5. brucew

    Van Roof

    Hi to everyone on the forum. I have also noticed this flexing in the roof on my ATV2. I have also got large undulations around the air conditioner and the four seasons hatch. I did not notice any of this until we had a leak from the four seasons hatch and I had to get up un a ladder and fix it. We are currently in Tasmania and will not be back in Brisbane until Easter at which time I will take it back to the factory for them to have a look at. Any other comments on the roofs of ATV,s would be interesting? Bruce and Jane :question:
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