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This is a community forum.  Common decency and respect for another, and another's opinions are our principle guideline.
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, as are those with a alternate view.
Please treat other members and their opinions with the respect you would expecct in return.
When registering to post on the forum, please choose an appropriate user name.  Obscene or overly suggestive names are not permitted.  Names that double as a commercial promotion by containing the name of a site, or a hyperlink are not allowed.
All signature blocks should be kept to a maximum 4 to 5 lines.  Unnecessarily lengthy signature blocks will be modified or deleted as the Forum Moderators see fit.
All members should be aware that posts are monitored for offensive language, abusive phrases or content, or inappropriate comments.  Where Moderators deem the post to be offensive, abusive or inappropriate it shall be deleted without warning or discussion.
Such inappropriate action may also lead to, without notice or discussion, a membership being suspended or banned.
Our forum should be a place for open discussion and opinion, with respect, and without threat of attack or abuse.
All our members have a simple choice to make each time they 'post' on this forum.  Either contribute positively or negatively to the thread.  Do this in a professional, funny or cheeky manner or choose to be offensive, abusive or inappropriate.  If you choose the latter, then the post will be deleted by the Forum Moderators.
Opinions and advice offered on the Forum should be treated with due caution, and the Kedron Owners Group Inc. Management Committee, Kedron Owners Group Inc. Members and Forum Moderators of this site do not accept responsibility for any loss arising from it.  Any opinions expressed on the Forum belong to the poster, and are not endorsed by the Kedron Owners Group Inc. Management Committee, Kedron Owners Group Inc. Members and Forum Moderators unless explicitly stated.
All postings to the Forum and their subsequent threads become the property of the Forum Owners and Moderators.  Demands for the removal of posts and their threads for reasons other than factual error or extreme circumstances will not be granted.
The Forum Moderators reserve the right to responsibly edit posts in line with the Online Code of Conduct outlined above, for example to remove an obscene reference from an otherwise worthwhile post, without justification,  or entering into correspondence.

The following types of posts are not acceptable.

  • Defamatory or libellous.
  • Offensive language or sexual content.
  • Personal abuse or unpleasantness.
  • Incitement of racial hatred or other activities illegal under Australian law.
  • Promotion of other sites in a way that might be expected to result in financial disadvantage to the Kedron Owners Group Committee, its Members and Forum Moderators.  (Posts that promote competitor sites in a low key, friendly and responsible manner may sometimes be accepted by prior arrangement with the Kedron Owners Group Committee and Forum Moderators.)
  • Promotion of any 'get rich quick' schemes or email solicitations to join such schemes.
  • Unpaid advertisements or spam.
  • Irrelevant or off-topic posts such as political or religious rhetoric.
  • Posts not covered by any of the above, but deemed clearly inappropriate by the Forum Moderators.
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