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  1. Can you put Stuart and Jean Roberts down as arriving the 6th leaving the 11th, Yes for dinner for 2 but one is gluten free (celiac).
  2. Great Central is seriously dusty. Docker to the east has recently been graded but has quickly become rough due to high traffic plus it’s a bugger of a section. If interested in going off the Great Central and visiting the Surveyor General Corner the road down to Wingellina is ok as is the the road from Wingellina to Warburton (bit rough watch for camels). Make sure you ring Mark the community officer (0427 031 926) at Wingellina before going into town to make sure it’s safe as it’s a closed community. It’s $50 to visit the corner with no guide, $100 with guide. Private road out to the corner is very nastily corrugated. To be taken seriously but is easily doable with a van. Road from Warburton to Laverton is ok but watch for mine road trains from Gile Breakaway to Laverton.
  3. Will try and make it. Currently preparing for the Tanami and Buchanan Hwy. Might not get back south in time.
  4. We just put our names down to attend on the RV for Drought Facebook page. Cheers stu and Jean
  5. We are hoping to get there. We haven’t registered in the RVs for Drought site yet though. cheers Stu and Jean
  6. A big thank you to Tony and the executive plus all the helpers for putting on this weekend. The presentations were fantastic and very much appreciated. A big thanks to Kedron for the support. Merry Christmas and safe travels to everyone. Cheers Stu and Jean
  7. We also cooked a battery very early in the year. I always keep the batteries above 70% soc so it was a surprise. I found the charger was overcharging the batteries by keeping them in absorption mode for way too long. It was a pwm type charger. When I replaced the batteries I also replaced the charger with an mppt type charger with a more battery friendly charge algorithm. All good now. Cheers Stu
  8. Thanks Nev, When I had it in bits I found the 3 bolts holding the burner were loose. Tightened them, cleared the glow plug breather hole, cleaned the dust out and reinstalled it. The heater works perfectly now, no white smoke at all and it’s soooo quiet. Very easy to service. With Graeme’s fuel pump silencing kit installed we can finally sleep with the heater on. Now to wait for some cold weather. Cheers Stu
  9. Hi Another update. We sold our Bulldog trailer and bought a Real EZY Barcoo trailer as it fits on the back of the van better. We dropped in on Rob at Real EZY Trailers in Maclean and he organised a bracket to carry the trailer. We have ten inch wheels on the trailer so he designed and built a set of brackets for the wheel/mud guards as well. To make it easier to load and unload the outboard we also bought an outboard carrier with the pulley/crane setup to mount on the A frame. It’s soo easy to setup the boat now. We just need to keep the ball weight down (I carry a set of ball weight scales for this). Rob from Real EZY trailers went above and beyond to sort us out for which we are very grateful. Hope this helps. cheers Stu
  10. We are on our second Kedron and the support from the Gall Boys has been fantastic. They really do stand by their product. Cheers Stu
  11. We had an extra external vent installed so we have a vent just below the compressor shelf and one just above. I’ve also installed a low current exhaust fan on the top vent. We turn this off at night. The RPD218 performed perfectly on our recent trip to the TopEnd and Gulf in 40 degree temps. We had it on setting 3 up north and now we are in central Qld where it’s cooler we’ve wound it back to 2 as it was freezing our tomatoes. With lights, satellite TV, shower pumps etc plus fridge we use about 35 to 40A each night. We are normally at between 80% and 89% charged in the mornings. Not sure exactly what the fridge uses but it does cycle on and off during the night ( and during the day in these cooler 30 to 25 degree temps). cheers Stu
  12. Don't forget to use alpine fuel or an anti waxing agent if it's very very very cold like in the minus's. cheers Stu
  13. Hi Chris Many thanks for the info on the Savannah Way. I just noticed it. I used to live in Katherine. It was great to go back there and catch up with some old golfing mates. cheers stu
  14. We are heading the other way. Currently at Katherine, heading to Lichfield, Darwin, Jaburu then Savanna Way and south east. Came east from Broome via the Gibb. Was pretty rough. Saw a few Kedrons on the Gibb. When we were at Kunnunurra roughly 4 or 5 broken camper trailers per day where coming in to Metaland for repairs. Ouch. Carnarvon sounds awesome but we are too far north. Hot up here at the moment. cheers Stu
  15. Thanks Tony Thats what we are doing as well. Like you say it's easier to replace the chain if need be. cheers Stu
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