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  1. Merry Christmas to you too Tony & Annie, It will be a very sad day when you step down as I believe you have done an exceptional job, but also understand the need to move on. I would like to thank you for your mammoth effort in a job well done. You will be missed. We will always in touch. We are currently in Yungngora in the Kimberley WA but are about to head back to Maningrida in Arnhem Land in 2 weeks for a 5 week stint before heading back to Kalumburu in the Kimberley again for 5-6 weeks. Then we will be back home for a month before we head off again. Have a great new year guys. Steve & Kerry
  2. I would be interested to know if it improves or will you be like us and just ..................... "Go with the Flow" 😋
  3. Hi Macca, We experienced the same issue and were told the same thing as you. So we replaced the inlet and had no change in result. We just put up with it now S & K
  4. Thank you Tony, I guess it is a wise choice in these crazy times. I am just sorry it had to happen, especially knowing you and the huge amount of work you and the committee would have put into staging this event. But in the words once spoken by a very wise man ............................... "Shit happens". Cheers Steve & Kerry
  5. Gezz, .................... it would be cheaper to modify it to a GMC.......
  6. jezzzz, you be carefull Sandra. I have been told that Kedron owners can be a bit dodgy
  7. Congratulations on picking up your new van, If you only have half the fun we have had with ours, you will be one very happy camper. Safe Travels
  8. I would like to thank Tony, and the committee members for a great weekend. I have no doubt it took a huge amount of planning, but the result was certainly worth it. It was fantastic to see the large turn out from the members. What a fantastic location and wonderful owners, who made it their mission to please everyone. Well done guys and thank you Steve & Kez
  9. Yes Chris, Some scenes were of complete devastation with contents of top cupboards on the floor, microwave ovens. stoves, fridges all sitting in the walkways......... but the worst were when fridge doors came open and all the contents would fall out and combined in the isle. I cannot tell the amount of paper towel and spray & wipe we sold at the store.
  10. Hi Terry, You seem to be having the same luck with your fridges as I had with Toyota's, however as much as it saddens me to have to agree with Tony, as we also have a 230l Vitrofrigo which is 9 years old and has spent its whole life in either the Kimberly or NT and as Tony says it has been "trouble free (touch wood)"! I guess that, like me and Toyota's, you are one of those "special" people with Vitrofrigo. I feel your frustration.
  11. We have just noticed the picture of the Beagle Bay church on the web page header. It has brought back so many memories as we lived in the old white house directly across the road from it for 18 months while we managed the store. What a magical place, truly wonderful people and an experience of a lifetime. I still remember the painful screams of many various caravaner's as they open the doors of their vans and see the devastation inside caused from that wonderful road to Beagle Bay. I also remember the warm feeling I got from owning a Kedron, which traveled that same road probably 20 times and experience no damage............... Poor people cannot afford to crap has always been my motto of life.
  12. Hello David & Liz, I suggest you have a good think about the V6 Amarok as I have done a lot of research on this vehicle. After many lengthy discussions with VW and its dealers, It seems that you void your warranty if you fit an electric brake controller to the vehicle and you cannot use Weight Distribution bars, as it can twist the chassis. By all means, do your own research........... don't take the salesman "word " on it
  13. We have a 3 kg front loader in our van which was put in at new (8 years ago). We lived in the van for the last 7 years for our "Working Holiday" and it has done a mountain of work and it just keeps going. We have used it exclusively for all our washing over the 7 years. It is one of the best thing we put in the van................diesel heater rates right up there too.
  14. Tony, I don't care what everybody else says....................... you are a man of action.........................this week anyway Thanks Mate
  15. Hello Tony, Would it be a reasonable idea to maybe give this subject its own folder in the members section? It could be a very valuable resource to have at our disposal. Just a thought
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