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  1. Thanks Tony all very good points. Noted. Greatly appreciated. 👍
  2. Thank you for your reply Bas. Good suggestions!
  3. Hi everyone. We are looking forward to collecting our new XC5 in a few months time and considering what mods we might undertake on our 2019 LC200 VX. She already has the maximum Lovells towing and vehicle carrying upgrades (very happy) , ECB Bullbar, and large capacity electric winch. We also have a aftermarket tyre pressure monitoring system which works great (set up for vehicle and van) Now considering a few other mods, firstly to provide a safer, trouble free and more economical tow for the Caravan and to also look after the Cruiser. So, would appreciate views on following
  4. Exciting! We still have a long wait ahead, but enjoying hearing about others adventures.
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