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  1. @Busbuckwe have had the same problem with our TowPro Elite fitted to a 2019 LC200. So far, cleaning the contacts on the 7 pin plug and, for some reason, the grey Anderson plug has worked. But I’m not convinced it has really fixed the problem. I’d be pretty interested if you find a solution. cheers Peter
  2. Welcome Colin & Lauren, Sounds like you have led an adventurous life. I’m sure the Top Ender will open up a whole new set of adventures for you. All the best with your travels, Peter
  3. Hi Greg, I decided not to go with the Stone Stomper. If I didn’t want to remove the mud flaps I had to secure the Stone Stomper against the stone guard in which case the protection is reduced. I also have a set of Rock Tamers which I used on a previous car/van set up. I decided I’d just use these, with the addition of a mesh insert which sits between the two mud flaps, for the next trip and see how they go. I wasn’t too impressed with the Rock Tamers on my previous set up, but the CP5 has much better protection than the previous van so they may be OK this time around. Cheers, Peter
  4. Hi all, A question for everyone. Does anybody use Stone Stomper or Rock Tamer type products to protect the front of the van from stones thrown up by the tow vehicle? Are they necessary or is the protection provided by Kedron sufficient? cheers, Peter
  5. Hi Tim, One area you will need to get your head around is the weight of the van and the weight limits of the car. There is a ton of stuff explaining this on the web.
  6. Hi Ken, if you decide on an inverter, a 300 watt pure sine wave inverter would be needed for the MacBook Pro. I don’t think a modified sine wave inverter will charge the MacBook. cheers, Peter
  7. I have used RV Go for about 4 years and they have just completed the 1,000 klm service on my CP5. I have been very happy with their service, though you do have to book a long way in advance.
  8. Hi @Stork, we also have the Safety Dave TPMS. Our experience with it has been pretty good.
  9. Enjoy your travels Greg. Such a great way to enjoy your retirement. 😀
  10. Well we have finally collected our van, and, unsurprisingly, we are very happy with it. Hopefully 2020 will be full of great trips. Here is the video Glen did of the handover.
  11. Hi Katrina, While it is a long wait, it does start to get very exciting when the time is close. We’re now counting down the final weeks. Our pickup should be on December 10. What configuration did you order?
  12. Our new van is well under way. After such a long wait, it's hard to believe that it's finally happening.
  13. In case they haven’t mentioned it yet, the van may not come with a jack. They will probably recommend a trail-a-mate mk2.
  14. Hi @Andrea and Gary, we might see you at Kedron. Our CP5 is also due to be collected in December. Our chassis has arrived and we have now finalised the specification. December can’t come quickly enough🙂
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