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  1. Good morning I am based in MEL VIC and I spose like many VIC's in C-19 land, am doing all the research to but a van trying to cut through all of the hype/fog/garbage that is out on www. I am a first time vanner and focusing on the 18-19’ compact type KEDRON range however still lost in the fog and don’t want to but one and rock up to a camp site and be told “ hey mate you should have reached out to us – and we could have stopped you making all of these rookie mistakes” I have noted that the KEDRON club is for owners/pre ordered persons which I totally get and respect – and this e-mail is inquiring to if you have any advice for a rookie as I am sure that there an extensive knowledge and experience of forum/members that have gone through what I have started So where am I at? Have budgeted only 60-70K for a van for wife and self and have to allow $30-40 for a suitable tow vehicle and will probaly stick to a TOYOTA - as that will burn up the funds - as need $ to enjoy the lifestyle (thinking no more than 17-18' off roader around 2012+, single beds if possible) very much focused on a quality build and engineering and of course after sales service – Paul from KEDRON seems to be more than supporting to date Van wanted for local VIC/SA/NSW type 3-5 days tours at the start but want to be able to travel to WA and go up North – when I get leave from current job – and get more experience Want to ensure good resale value – happy to take the hit for fair wear and tear etc Not sure if I can service and maintain a KEDRON in VIC when everything is QLD focused I see Bushtracker have a huge following and an awesome members sales page but cant work out why as huge pricing model and when I look at the engineering – I see some of the wiring etc is now where near what KEDRON and pumping out Anyway – I am only 62 and want to start and enjoy the van life whilst still fit and healthy and any advice would be so much appreciated So forum - reaching out and seeing if anyone could offer a VIC rookie any advice
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