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  1. We have a 2018 XC5 with a Truma AquaGo instant water heater, just recently it is showing an error code number 33 (Current in the antifreeze kit too high. I have spoken to Truma and they say that I need a part but on further inspection there is no antifreeze kit fitted. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Macca
  2. Could someone tell me what make the electric jockey wheel that Kedron now fix to their vans? Is it the Black Jack electric powered one?
  3. Thats right Tony, Kedron pressure reducing valves are the American Shurflo brand. I understand that they make a 65psi model as well, (the current Kedron models are set at 50psi) do you know of anyone that has fitted the 65psi one? and would the extra 15psi affect the internal plumbing in your view? regards Macca
  4. No improvement, I am also told that the problem could be in the hot water non return valve but it cannot be gotten to from outside and is right behind the diesel heater so may have to "go with the flow" as well
  5. Thank you, I have ordered a replacement, will see hoe not goes Macca
  6. We are experiencing less water flow and water pressure when hooked up to mains water in caravan parks. I have been advised that it could be a partially blocked Shurflo Mains Pressure Regulator Water Inlet? Has anyone else experienced this problem? and if so, what are the remedies? Any advice and help would be greatly appreciated. regards Macca
  7. Could I seek some help and advice please

    When free camping using just the water tanks and 12 volt pumps, water pressure and flow is good, however when in caravan parks hooked up to town water the pressure and flow is reduced. I have been told that the issue could be in the Shurflo mains pressure regulator water inlet? Has anyone experienced this problem and if so, what are the remedies?

    Appreciate and advice and assistance

    Warm regards


  8. We picked up our new Kedron XC5 (our second Kedron) in late September this year with a diesel heater and compressor fridge (our last van had a three way fridge) Both fridge and heater work great however when free camping recently in cold and windy weather there was a strong cold breeze from around the fridge (even more than the lower vent on the door) making the diesel heater work overtime. The draft in the bottom of the door is easily fixed however around the fridge is more difficult. There is a large vent on the outside of the van at the top of the fridge and an added problem is that bugs etc get in there as well as it is not screened. Inside the van there are vents at the top and bottom of the fridge. Has anyone one else with the same set up experienced similar problems and if so are there any solutions, would appreciate any advice. regards Macca
  9. Thank you, will try over the next few nights, will give you a call if I get into difficulties wayne
  10. Much appreciated Chris, I will give it a go tonight Wayne
  11. Thank you Peter, much appreciated, will do once I get the gist of posting on forum, I am not the best on a computer!
  12. Fellow Kedron Owners We are the happy owners of a 2012 21' Kedron XC3 but have decided to slightly downside (20') to another XC3 with some interior changes. Have listed the van on Caravan/Campingsales and Gumtree (3 months now) with little response. We are new to the Kedron Owner's Group so I may not have put this post in the proper place but would welcome any helpful suggestions or comments on best ways to advertise and sell. Thank you all in advance. Wayne McAndrew
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