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  1. Hi Rod. Wish we could be there but unfortunately not in the area. Mate the fishing looks great. 😪
  2. Could not agree more with Steve and Kez. What a great event! Tony and exec crew and some new exec members need a big thank you for the event that was a great experience for all that were there. Also to the Amazing Monckton Family, Ralph, Antonija, Alicia, Isabelle, Jesse, Charlotte, Heath, Sophia, Luca, Felicity and Tiffany What an amazing family that live at and run this exceptional camp area! The Saturday night xmas dinner was great. How the Monckton's organised the appearance of a Koala just behind our outside dining area and supplying a great feast is beyond me. Tony
  3. Hi John. Under no circumstances use the trailer mate to jack a Kedron. They are only rated at 1 ton max capacity so unless you have a very small Kedron please don"use it. I will leave HI Lift comments to those that know :-) Cheers from the Kyd's
  4. We are on our way, late start this morning stopping at Kandanga. See you tomorrow ???

  5. Hi Danny @ Sue I have a couple of friends in the group that have these hitches. They are ok but as Greg and Tony said the Airsafe is far superior with the shocks. I have had the airsafe for around 20,000kms and it is a dream. It smooths out the truckiness of my F250 and looks after the van well. Cheers. P.S. If you go for the Airsafe make absolutely sure that you get the 6 tonner. The air hitch itself is rated 6 ton but they can come as 4 tonners which makes the bolt on tongue way too fragile.
  6. Had to happen! All the rumours may be coming to fruition finally! Will have a lot of sweaty drivers on the road in QLD.
  7. Greetings fellow nomads. A not a plug yet again for a great component supplier. Regressing a little, in 2013 on our run towards the Cape we stopped over in the Isa to visit friends that live there. One morning during a walk around of the tug, I noticed that the left hand side was down. A pressure check revealed a flat airbag. Application of the compressor didn't help,so a call to Airbag man to find their agent in the Isa guided us to the ARB agent. A look at the bag revealed a hole in it. A few calls to airbag man by ARB and both bags were changed no charge. Bear in mind the bags were 6 ye
  8. Hi Tony

    Could I get a price on mirrors for a VDJ79R TOYOTA (79 series) for a fellow Rv Homebaser.

    And thanks heaps for the bread maker it will be put to good use :-) and love to your good lady from us Kyd's

    Cheers from the Kyd's

    1. TonyH


      Hi Guys,

      1 x CV-TL-70S-MB (Black) OR CV-TL-70S-EC (Chrome) $595 plus delivery to 4650 $52.00

      total $647.00

      If they want to go ahead ...... we are leaving here this Wednesday (18th) to come back upto Maryborough.....will be back up there in a week or so.So I will need to order mirrors tomorrow before we leave.

      Banking details


      812170 (Teachers Mutual Bank)

      Acc #


      Acc title

      A C Heat


      Please advise

      Glad your enjoying the bread maker

      Hugs for Mavis

      CU soon!!!

    2. TonyH


      Sorry I will need name, delivery address & contact number also!

    3. TonyH


      NOT thinking this arvo, must be a physical address CANT be a PO Box

  9. Hi guy's. Try the fader selection in the radio menu. Fade it fully in one direction and see which of the speakers are working (inside or outside) Cheers
  10. Hi Gavin We had the Tekonsha Prodigy in use for 8 years without fault. We changed to the Tekonsha P3, 4 years ago only because the old Prodigy was not compatible with our Electric over hydraulic disc's on the new van and love it as well. The newer Prodigy's are now compatible with the Elec/hyd brakes. The P3 also has in build diagnostic's see http://www.tekonsha.com/products/brake-controllers/proportional-controllers/p3-/TzaIxkVx1cI5XOy!osRB55TR19SXShj4 I have had no experience with the Hayman Reese units. Good luck mate and cheers from the Kyd's.
  11. Hi Colin My van is plated in QLD @ 3700kg's and definitely required an annual heavy vehicle inspection. It is such a pain that I am having it re plated @ 3500kg's(the max weight allowed in QLD). My last inspection had to be done in MtIsa on the way to the Gulf and cape. It was a drama that I will not go through again.
  12. Hi all We have had the Waeco 215l in our van for over 3 years and love it. I opted for this fridge due to the more robust latches and hinges and the fact that all the hot stuff (motor compressor etc) was mounted at the top of the fridge where you want the heat to get away. Our last van had the Vitrifrigo and had no problems. Our current van has been around the block including a trip to the Gulf country and the Cape last year.This included some of the worst roads that we have experienced since caravanning. The cape trip included 8 km's of the old telle track to get into and out of Eliott Twin f
  13. Looks grim Guy's. With the proposal and the depth of change it looks like it will go ahead regardless, they will not carry the cost of a manager and the changes proposed without dreaded fees. We put in our 5 cents worth though as the loss of another quality free camp is not good. Fingers crossed. Rod & Mavis.
  14. Hi Doug I personally opted for VC coils and did not think at the time that Airbags were worth the extra cost.The VC suspension is superb with the exception of the shockies that they use (could be better) My concerns at the time were for the robustness of the bag system and the extra components required that add to the list of "things that can go wrong". We still do some serious off roading with the van and I worried that there was too much to go wrong. Having personally spoken with about 30 airbag owners and also seen them in action on my Brother inlaws van, I am completely sold on them now.
  15. Hi see http://en-au.wordpress.org/ to set up wordpress. Just follow the download instructions.

    We can be contacted at travellinkyds@yahoo.com.au if you need to

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