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  1. That does look familiar. Ours failed in almost the same place only geographically different, we had just turned from a 100kph to a 25kph when our tow bar parted company in Tasmania and the van skidded/rested on the new electric jack that I installed before we left. I had a complete new towbar manufactured and reinforced mounting plates as per drawings supplied by American Imports in Melbourne.
  2. Bryan, Where did you buy these and how is the box mounted to the chassis of the van ? welded or bolted. cheers
  3. Bryan, To upgrade to 4495kg GVM on a 2500, you need to bring the rear springs to 3500 specifications. This requires the addition of 3 extra leaves per set. The LS11 certification, can than be carried out by a qualified mechanical engineer in Queensland. I did all the work myself, and had the springs upgraded at a local spring works, than refitted them. (they are heavy) I already had airbags fitted. When the upgraded springs were fitted I also needed to install a 25mm spacer for the air bags. The certification for mine was carried out before the latest government saga's but
  4. I use Old Man Emu from ARB on mine, rides well.
  5. KJR, Welcome to the group, we hope to catch you on the road sometime.
  6. Makka, Welcome and hope to see you on the road.
  7. Paul, What a beautiful part of our country you live in, welcome to the group.
  8. Tony, If you needed to replace the chain for any reason, instead of grinding off the plate why not cut the chain and insert a set of hammerlocks to rejoin new hi tensile chain ?
  9. This is the FB site that I get updates on - The Gibb River Road - Kimberley, Western Australia. This site usually gives daily updates on what is going on with the general area and suggest it would be a good place to ask any questions when your trip gets closer.
  10. Nev, The dimensions are; Height 1120 length 2260 width 2100 (doors closed)
  11. If people are still unsure go to this link, get into issue 23 and they have a warts and all review of the tow vehicles on the market in respect to GVM in a way that people can either be reassured or worried. http://www.unsealed4x4.com.au/issues/ cheers
  12. Hi, I will get all the dimensions tomorrow, just finished making my boat loader today so will be testing it over the next few days to make sure it works like I planned. I had already made one but I wasn't happy so I redesigned it. The back was on the truck when we bought it and I haven't been able to find any makers identity, the gear on the back is why I was happy to go back to a 2006 unit. I know it is 2.2m long, divided in the middle all aluminium, with 4 external boxes and an additional one underneath accessed from the rear. On the passenger side the fuel cap is inside. I h
  13. I removed our DO35 hitch assembly and upgraded to a 4500kg hitch. The DO35 complete assembly including the Vehicle Components security lock system is available for sale. Ph 0439522300 for details, any reasonable offer will be considered. Our TELSTRA mobile coverage at home is pretty horrible, so if I don't answer please leave a short message and I will get back to you. Cheers Laurie
  14. Pepper, As Webby mentioned, old school a mans word is enough, and in this case one speaks for all when you are talking about the Gall family and standing behind the product they put on the market. I have never asked or needed a piece of paper to judge a persons character, if you can't see the passion that the family put into the business maybe you are asking the wrong questions. Sincerely hope that you enjoy your van and have the same experience that 99.9% of KEDRON customers receive. cheers Laurie
  15. Colin, I have been looking at some of the US sites and if you go to http://www.dieselplace.com/forum/ or http://www.duramaxforum.com these guys have a wealth of information and ideas. From what I have read you need to buy a pump which has failsafe flow capability. That is if the powered lift pump fails, the vacuum lift can still pull the fuel through. A few options for you to look at and than talk with someone over here to see if they can match the specs. A kit I have looked at are Kennedy Filter and pump kit, not cheap at about $700 US i think + freight and customs. ch
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