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  1. It's time for us to upgrade which means having to part with our 20'6" 2002/03 ATV. It comes with a host of 'life's necessities' ...... Dometic 3-way fridge - 150 litre LED lighting Dometic reverse cycle air conditioning Kogan TV - 19" LG Microwave Combination toilet / shower Truma gas HWS 4 Burner cook top with oven Clarion radio / CD player Caframo fan Sunburst Eclipse awning Breakaway brake safe system 3 water tanks, 1 drinking (I believe they're 80 litres) 2 roof - mounted solar panels 2 new (June '17) 120 Ah deep cycle batteries 2 x 8.5 kg gas bottles 2 x Four Seasons hatches McHitch Recently serviced, which included new brakes and bearings and included four new tyres Annex - seen little use Satellite dish and tuner Registered till January 2019 Now reduced to just$32,500
  2. Agree with John and Tina, a warm welcome. Hope to see you on the road / camped by the road / in a caravan park at some time.
  3. Gary, If you have a look at the post by Chris (moderator) and the photo he included, my thoughts are the same. I thought I'd try and pick up a power feed from the tail light unit and run a cable inside the van (in the cupboard) and then poke it out somewhere near the bar that holds the spares. I've also bought a number plate light on ebay, cost was $8.50 coming from Melbourne so that should be here in a couple of days or so. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/1-x-LED-NUMBER-PLATE-LIGHT-TRUCK-UTE-TRAILER-CARAVAN-4-HIGH-QUALITY-LEDS-10-30V-/232013475815?hash=item360514afe7:g:cDYAAOSwImRYDtdU We're off for a couple of days next week to Milton so the sooner it arrives the better. Looks like a job for me this weekend! Happy to hear your experience with Kedron was as good as ours.
  4. Last week when I raised the topic about the height of number plates on our vans, I was pointed in the direction of Kedron by both Chris and Gavin who said they (Kedron) were providing brackets that will allow us to comply with the regulations. On Friday morning I e-mailed my little problem to Kedron and within a matter of minutes (no exaggeration!) I was contacted by Robyn Eales from the service department seeking information about the van and advising that she'd forward a bracket that mounts between the tyres. It was late Friday when I eventually got the info and sent the e-mail (we store the van) but Monday afternoon a parcel arrived, by courier, from Kedron (and at no charge to me whatsoever) with my new chequer plate bracket!!! How good is that?? If this isn't first-rate, top-class service then I don't know what is? Thank you Robyn, thank you Gall Boys, you are quite brilliant.
  5. Chris, many thanks for the info. We've had our van fewer than 12 months and this is one of the issues that's cropped up (like the 'rated shackles') that we are now aware of albeit some time after the majority of discussion. No doubt there are other people, like us, who are blissfully unaware of this and other issues, the good thing is that you and others are able to point us in the right direction for answers. Kedron is sending us a bracket to go between the spare tyres so we shouldn't be too far off having this problem rectified. BTW, where did you get your 'Topender' plate?
  6. I also posted this in the Financial Member's Forum: I'm wondering if anyone else is aware of this? I heard a few people say that the maximum height of the number plate on your caravan (in NSW at least) is not to exceed 1.4 metres. Now, as we know the mounting of the plate on most, if not all Kedrons, is noticeably higher. The reason, I'm told, for the 1.4 metre maximum is purely and simply for the constabulary who sit in their cars on the side of the road photographing all and sundry who pass for rego checks, etc. Apparently anything higher than 1.4 metres can't be photographed as it's too high, and we all know that means just one thing, the government could be missing out on revenue!! (Of course this is all about road safety not revenue raising but I digress!) Has anyone been pulled over by the boys in blue and told they need to drop the number plate to a 'reasonable' height, or worse, been hit with a fine? I'm sure the number plate mounting location on our van is, like many / most / all of you, above 1.4 metres.
  7. Yes, I saw that story, and it won it quite easily. Whilst, above, 'The Road Runner' makes some interesting comments, it looks like a McHitch will be the ATV before much longer.
  8. Once again seeking your advice; the hitch on our ATV, I believe, needs replacing, it's as old as the 'van and I'd be far more comfortable with a new one. It now comes down to choice, the DO-35 or the McHitch, is one 'better' than the other, what's the preferred choice among KOG owners?
  9. Yep, we found out the hard way, a broken glass jar of curry powder, a loose lid on a bottle of soy sauce, the lid coming off a bottle of vinegar and a broken jar of black pepper corns. Now you can understand why we're seeking your ideas!!!
  10. We've not long had our ATV and haven't been on any genuine 'off-road' tracks i.e. Gibb River Road yet, but we have had it down a few bumpy dirt / gravel tracks where a lot of items in the cupboards went every which way so here's the query; how or what do you keep all your spices, sauces, tea, coffee, etc, etc in regarding containers so that when you open the cupboard door everything's still in tact and as it was prior to your departure? We've had a couple of broken items and more than a couple of spillages so your advice / suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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