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  1. Mike I think you'll be fine with that setup providing the unladen weight of Keddy is around 2900-3000kg. That leaves around 400kg ish for water and goods and as you said you can dump some of your gear into back tray of LC. Anything above that eg TE with 3.5t+ will be a battle. Of course anything is doable, just depends on what speed you sit on and a lot of other stuff. But an AT5 should be fine.
  2. Nev Not for long if the A$ goes down! Hopefully not. But that price is line ball with what they sell for in the states compared to the F trucks and Rams. Will be interesting to see the Camaro price as well. All the best paul
  3. Roadrunner, you won't go wrong with the F250. I have the 2018 F250 and just about to head off on another trip up north towing our 22'6 TE which probably goes in at around 3.8+t. Also have a current F150 which surprisingly pulls like a train but is a lot lighter than the 250. Prefer the 250 for heavy towing, the diesel just makes it very easy. Like any yank truck it pulls it easy. I find it's just a lot less stressful towing with these big utes but I do agree it becomes a bit of an issue in cities, that's why we have smaller ones for that. Enjoy your travels.
  4. Thanks Chris for your reply. I like the Li batteries as they save room and weight and mine seem to last pretty well between charges.
  5. Chris, what did the upgrade cost roughly including the Engineers report? thanks paul
  6. Not wanting to sound too negative here, but there's no way I'd be towing a heavy (+ 3700kg) with a lc200, no matter what the gvm upgrade. If things go wrong, even having to evade or stop quickly, I reckon it's game on. lc200 is a great vehicle ( I've owned several and have one presently), but prefer towing my 22'6 TE ( 4t rated) with a us truck. Mine van is usually around 3800kg with full tanks. We travel fairly light re clothing etc. but for anything below 3500kg, the 200 is a really great vehicle. I can understand owners getting the GVM upgrade just to be on the safe side if inspected. safe travels everyone.
  7. Just a couple of answers. this is my 6 th Yank truck. Rams (2500'sand 3500) F250's and now this one. i usually use US Autos in Sydney as I find personally they have the best conversions. They don't do the Rams anymore (not the new ones anyway) I had the Ram Limited in all the ones I had. Crowd doing them now don't appear to do them, just the standard Laramie. They do he F150 lariat starting at around $100k, but just ring and find out for different models. Only issue is delay between ordering and final pickup, usually around 4 months.thats where the others can appeal to buyers not wanting to wait. Opinions like backsides, everyone has one but only other crowd I'd use apart from US Autos is Maracoonda. They do good conversions. as I've said before, I like them all, but you do tend to be on your own if anything minor goes wrong, I find it easier to fix myself, especially here in WA. The new F150 tows my 4t van a lot easier than my LC200 but not as strong and heavy as the Rams and 3/4 tonners. But still does it easy. i have the second Limited in Oz and it has everything in it. Drives well, easy to park (relatively) and gets around 11.5-12l/100 empty and around 19-23l/100 towing. So I'm ok with that at moment. Rated to tow at 4.5 tonnes, but some converters only do the 4t - unsure why. mine is certified etc with all the compliance plates. hope this helps. if I had a van that weighed over 4t then I would go up to the F250 Pl atinum which I've costed at around $155k. Rams and Chevs as well if you prefer. They are heavier and have heaps grunt. Just get rid of all the emission junk on them and they run properly. DPF delete and EGR delete is easy. Kits from states. ken, my mob is 0419777370, best to ring after 6pm WA time (2hrs behind ES)
  8. I've used both Bilsteins and Fox (both out of the states) on the Rams and f250's I've owned. Made an immediate difference and were quite cheap. the very best were Kings (us) but poisonous price. Great shocks though. havent had a Chev but all were 3/4 t same as Silverado. Plenty specialist stores can give good unbiased advice in states.
  9. Merv It seems in this day and age all manufacturers have recalls, mainly over little items that get noticed. I'm not aware of any brand dodging this, even here in Oz. I like all the US trucks but prefer to steer away from anything not converted right here in Oz, as that does raise issues when you need something attended to, especially when warranty is concerned. I must admit I do have a preference for the 17 on F trucks as they seem to dominate for a reason. They are certainly quite a big jump on interiors, NVH etc on the current crop available, but I'm sure the others will have a red hot go at catching up. However I like the Rams, Chevs and others as well. I do think the after sales service is the most important issue when buying though as they can be a real issue when the salespeople (as distinct from the converters in another country) lose interest in the customer. Anyway, they all tow so much better than what is locally available and that's the main thing. I've always enjoyed mine and like the current one I have. Catch you on the road.
  10. I'm probably the person they were referring to re the F150. i use it to tow my 22'6 TE which is rated at 4t. It usually is around 3800 for us as we don't travel that heavy.( maybe that should read 'relatively heavier '! F150 rated at 4.5 t in Oz but in states at quite a bit more (around 5.9t I believe). Some converters only have the ADR rating at 4t so check that. tows it easily. I also have a 15 LC 200 so I can compare. before these I've owned 3 Ram 2500 and 2 3500. Also 2 x F250's. towed with all of them. F150 is a twin turbo 3.5l v6 petrol. Puts out around 300kw and has plenty of torque. i purchased this for same reasons you mentioned - it's a bit more manageable around town. Mine is a Limited so has 22 ' wheels. I have a set of Ford 18 ' on way from states now which I'll use for towing, especially off road. better economy than LC, miles more towing grunt and vehicle doesn't get shoved around as much. i just wanted to give the f150 a go. If it hadn't worked I would have imported the 2018 F250, but definitely prefer this one. US autos do all my conversions. In my opinion they are miles ahead of rest apart from Maracoonda. The rest are ok, but not to these 2 standards. Just my opinion, not meaning to upset any owners from other converters. Rams great for towing but big around town. Ditto for F250's. so far I'm happy with this one. Outsells the rest in the states by big margins. 875,000 F trucks a year ( that's all F variations, but still a lot). this one drives quieter than my LC Sahara and they are quiet. hope this helps.
  11. Thanks Sandra. Looking forward to catching fellow Keddy owners on the road.
  12. Happy to have joined. after travelling extensively through most of WA and some eastern states areas in our brilliant Aussie Swag camper we have taken delivery of our new 22'6" Top Ender with all the bells and whistles. 300a/hr Li, 600w solar, 4t upgrade etc. very happy with van. Will be towing it with 17 F150 which does it easily. Still keeping camper for really rough (vehicle breaking) areas! off next week for 10 days on coast fishing then in September at Karajini then up through Darwin, across top end and down to Brissy for service then down through NSW and SA then up to Uluru and across to Laverton on great central then down to sw of wa to our home. hope to catch fellow Kedron owners on our travels.
  13. Did the AB 2 months ago with camper. Wouldn't dream of taking the top Ender purely due to the narrow sections of track. Your van will really cop a hiding along sides, awnings etc. really rough road in patches ( other parts fine) but too narrow in parts ( mainly creek country) for van. Just my 2 bobs worth.
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