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  1. Not yet, I will follow up. There is some information on the Caravaners Forum site quoting an SA transport official stating that this only applies to the pre first registration which comes under Aust Gov regulations. State Gov will still be able to carry on with their own schemes post registration. Will be interesting to see where this leads. cheers
  2. I just sent a query to Lovells to see if they can clarify where we stand? Will Let you know their response. cheers
  3. Merv, I saw this. I am glad I completed the upgrade when I did. From memory, I think pre 2016 200 series did not have a combined mass plated, not sure if it was stated elsewhere.
  4. Well done. It does take some time and effort but it feels good to be fully compliant. Happy travels.
  5. Our car and van upgrade is now complete and signed off by Transport SA, van ATM 4t, Landcruiser GVM 3.8t, tow 4t and CVM 7.8t. Ready for travel.
  6. Finally completed our van upgrade, took the paper work to our MVR today and all has been approved. Nice new compliance plate sitting in the front boot. Now just waiting for MV Inspections to contact me re a roadworthy inspection on the Landcruiser GVM and tow upgrade. Was 20th on the list yesterday.
  7. I slid our 13mm t80 grade chains up the Aframe arms and secured them with high tensile bolts through the arms. This was done on the suggestion of our engineer. The 13mm chains will accept a 3/4 bolt. Our system has now been signed off by our engineer.
  8. I have gone the whole hog and am using 13mm hammer lock on the 13 mm t80 chain and 4.7t shacklesto the Landcruiser. Doesn't look too big and heavy when attached to the vehicle.
  9. John, I think the standard for chains is a national one, as with number plate heights, braking for vans/trailers over 2.5t etc. The stamped chains I used were the 10mm 2.5t. There is anAustralian design rule that covers trailers and caravans. cheers
  10. John and Jo, Stu and Jean I have tried to send photos, if you have not received them let me know, I am having trouble sending my emails cheers
  11. John, I have sent a private message Val
  12. John, our engineer approved 2x2.5 tonnes giving a total of 5 tonnes which is above the 4 tonne upgrade. cheers
  13. Having had the TE and 200 for 8 years now braking has never been an issue, the 200 handles it very well. The tow upgrade basically brings the 200 back up to its build rating as sold in the US. It was derated for Australia because our harsh conditions. Same reason given for down rating the new VW twin ab from 3.5 in Europe to 3 here.
  14. The Landcruiser work is complete with all its little stickers pending a roadworthy inspection by SA Transport. The work on the van is complete, I had to change the chains to high tensile stamped chains and the Lovels hitch. The engineer will complete his paperwork and send that to MVR next week. I am not sure if Kedron has responded but both Leisa and Glen were following it through. Cheers va
  15. Ended up getting one from Kedron from the black tanks they use now. Was tight but a little reaming of both threads and it now fits well.
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