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  1. Click on the link for the origin of Siri’s ‘voice’ Siri.mp4
  2. Ngaire, this should help you https://www.kedronownersgroup.com/forum/index.php?/topic/1592-how-to-drain-the-water-tanks/#comment-7181
  3. Wendy & I had the pleasure of meeting Peter & Glenys way back in October 2007 just after we took delivery of our brand new ATV2. It was a chance meeting (can’t remember where) we where having a ‘shakedown’ trip with the van. Peter’s advice & tips have stayed with me till this day, Glenys’s attempts to advise also were often drowned out by Pete’s contact chatter. VALE Peter
  4. This newsletter arrived in todays mail…….thinking it’s only valid till Monday 28th https://www.couplemate.com.au/promotions/cm750-cyber-monday-promotion/?mc_cid=55d0d1fa7b&mc_eid=52bc9a9221 cheers Tony H
  5. Rod & Sue, you will have a great time…..any chance of extending the time will pass so quickly. Travel safe Tony
  6. We have had our van there now three times, last ime we stayed for just over 3 months, next time thinking about 6 months. Yes it is costly on the ferry…..but the longer you can stay the more justification you can get on the charges. The costs are FAR OUTWAYED but the shear delights you will see & experience. Do consider staying more ‘than a few weeks’ Have a great time, travel safe , Tony
  7. Latest update (28th Oct 22) on Swift 500 series cookers https://www.productsafety.gov.au/recalls/casale-trim-co-pty-ltd-tas-swift-group-—-500-series-cookergrill-and-cooktops-for-caravans-and-motorhomes?fbclid=IwAR0EyniWdz5XPLCOMGi5kE1EKPsy9mH4m4EjWQNpryjageb_lszyvCrAtM4 Cheers Tony
  8. G’day Bob, How was it (immediately) before the wheel rotation ? Tony
  9. I use a heat gun as opposed to a hair dryer…..get nice and warm then rub off with a rag……it is a slow tedious job. New sticker kits from Kedron are quite expensive……get a price from a pin stripping/moulding guy that does car yards.
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