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  1. Hi Tim I am a Victorian based Kedron owner (7 Years) and would be quiet happy to talk to you and answer any queries you may have. If I was to replace my van it would most definitely be another Kedron Warm Regards John
  2. Hi Ken I fitted a double Thule to the front of my van just over 2 years ago See attached photo. I carry an E bike that weighs in at about 20 Klg. have had no problem with it. I do turn the handle bars around sideways which makes access a little easier to all compartments.
  3. Have found Harding Swift excellent to deal with over the years
  4. We left the van there on a Monday and picked it up on Friday morning. Tina and I decided to spend a 4 days in Noosa and see what is was like without the van. We were maybe thinking of selling the van and just renting a place in the winter months. We came to realise at this point of our life we still enjoy the caravan. Had the suspension serviced, Diesel heater required a full service as it was full of dust internally and checked all appliances and see if there were any gas leeks.
  5. Just back home in Victoria from getting the ATV 2 serviced in Brendale. The Kedron family go above and beyond in their service. Well worth the trip from Victoria besides it is a good excuse to have a couple of weeks break. A big endorsement to Kedron
  6. Not sure why you have not been welcomed to the forum, but welcome.
  7. Have not travelled it personally but from people I have spoken to who have travelled the Anne Beadell Highway they do not recommend towing caravans. Other Kogs may have a different opinion.
  8. Pack the pantry in tight and what we do in amongst the glasses and cups is shove all the tea towels and hand towels amongst them. Works a treat for us.
  9. My apologies. Should have read 7300 GCM. Was supposed to be released in Feb/Mar. Is now in final stages of testing. What will be involved or cost is unknown at this stage Regards John
  10. Latest information on 200 series upgrade from Lovells is the GVM will be increased to 7300 klg along with the 4000 klg towing capacity. warm regards John
  11. Attached is a photo of my 200 Series after a 3800 GVM upgrade from Lovells. I was left with no option but to have the upgrade carried out after a visit to the Weigh Bridge stated the weight of the vehicle at 3220 klg without caravan attached and other items carried in the car. The thought of changing to a GMC of F 250 did cross my mind however this was not practical for my every day use around town because of their bulk size. Had a trial run last weekend with the caravan in tow and handled perfectly not that the 200 series did not cope well before the upgrade. I am now looking forward to our departure in early June for a 3 months break.
  12. Hi Chris We are travelling the Gary Junction in the opposite direction this year in a group of 5 caravans, 2 Kedrons and 3 other brands. We will reach Marble Bar around 23 June so will probably miss you by 1 Week. Hope you have a great trip and enjoy this great country of ours. Warm Regards John
  13. Hi John, I've been thinking about getting a LC200 with 400kg GVM upgrade. Wasn't sure if they would be too rough around city when not towing my Kedron?? What system upgrade did you get? I wanted to put a tinny on top and have a bullbar...drawers weren't necessary for us.

    1. John and Tina

      John and Tina

      Hi Glen we have used a Lovell upgrade (NSW company) installed by Statewide 4x4  in Keilor East Victoria. GVM is increased by 450 klg to 3800 klg. The ride around town is a little firmer but I believe the car handles better. All of my driving life I have had firm suspensions on all vehicles so I do not mind the firm ride. Looked at an ARB upgrade however the only offered a GVM increase to 3550 klg. If you are purchasing a new 200 series it would be advisable to have the upgrade done before you register the car. My understanding is this then makes the car accepted Federally. My upgrade is accepted nationally under Victorian registration because it was already registered at the time of the upgrade.  If I was to sell my car interstate it would require another Engineers report in that state whereas if it was done prior to registration it is recognised Australia wide. (sounds like hog wash but that's how it was explained to me)

      Pity you live interstate otherwise would have been happy to give you a test run.

      My 200 series is used constantly around town. Still an absolute pleasure to drive with very little fuss. Makes more sense than my mates GMC around town.

      Hope my reply helps your decision mating

      Warm Regards


  14. Thankyou Merv and Tony for your replies obviously there are different rules applied in each state. Lotus, Trackmaster, Supreme and Halen Vans all install their jerry can holders at the rear of the caravan all manufactured here in Victoria. I am of the opinion fuel stored at the rear of the van would be no more dangerous than side mounted tanks on prime movers. I will keep researching before making a final decision. Warm regards John
  15. I am considering moving the Jerry Can holders to the rear bumper bar. This would involve moving both spares to the centre of the bar and have both jerry cans on the outside. Have not at this stage run a tape and see if it all fits. Would be interested to here from anyone who has moved the jerry can holders from the A frame to the rear bumper bar. Warm regards John
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