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  1. This is a great article on an iconic trek which many of us have done. But it’s a good resource anyway. the-great-central-road-drive-from-laverton-to-uluru-with-a-caravan.html
  2. Situated on the shores of Lake Alexandrina, probably an hour or so from Adelaide, this lovely free campground is a very special spot. It’s at S35 50 05 E139 2 46. Near Milang, it is accessed via a 10km gravel road, of which 2km is a bit ordinary. No facilities here whatsoever, just lots of peaceful beauty. Mind you it’s the school holidays starting tomorrow...😄
  3. No, I hadn’t seen that! The poor new owners... Thanks Sandra.
  4. OK, from another forum (Caravaners forum) where a member there pretty much asked the Federal Government responsible agency the same question. He got a response which said: "Thank you for contacting the Australian Government Department of Health.You don’t have to get your second dose at the same location. This includes if you are travelling — even in a different state.Your first dose of the vaccine will be recorded in the Australian Immunisation Register, so your vaccination provider will be able check which vaccine you received (to make sure your second dose is the same) and when
  5. I am wondering if any members are travelling between states in the near future, or far from home, and have to organise their COVID vaccinations somewhere other than home. We will have had our first jabs here at home in SA, but in June, when the second is due, we plan to be far from home. Probably QLD. Anyone had similar queries?
  6. Sandra, you guys are probably experts and able to guide the rest of us! Our plans are to come North from SA, leaving here in May and arriving around Brisbane about mid June. The places we love around QLD (in no particular order) are Lake Tinaroo (Atherton Tablelands); Sandstone Park at Carnarvon Gorge, Lawn Hill, Lake Wivenhoe near Esk, Lara Wetlands.... Many of these may be visited this year. Of course, we do prefer the remoter regions too... We might see you out there!
  7. It’s great to have you onboard Colin and Laura! Our first van was also a Kedron and it is a good start when you have such a wonderful brand. Talk to the factory about the leak...they will be able to advise, I am sure! I hope we see you out and about travelling with your van. chris
  8. ARE YOU HAVING TROUBLE WITH YOUR RIG BEING OVERWEIGHT ? This new club benefit, available exclusively to members via the club shop will be available just in time for the Christmas trip. Just 25 tins stored under the bed will reduce your weight by 112.5kg and you will no longer have to carry all that water in your tanks. Don't miss out stocks are limited.
  9. We are at Onkaparinga’s Pink Gums campground for a couple of nights. It is right on the edge of the McLaren Vale wine region, and not that far from the city. But it feels nice and peaceful. There are 11 sites in all but not all fit a caravan of our size. Most do, though.. We are nicely settled in, as you can see.
  10. Kimbo's wife Ned has posted of the family's loss. Kimbo meant so much to so many people and was a larger than life character. He was a great supporter of the Kedron brand and considered himself to be part of the "Kedron family". I spoke to him on Sunday and he spoke with affection of the many people he met through this group and what they all meant to him. Among his last words with me was a planning out aloud about what he wanted to see happen to his precious Kedron van! Our hearts are heavy today.
  11. it would have been in 2004 we joined the group, I am guessing. And we all met at Milmerran Camp Oven Festival. It certainly was part of the Kedron “family”, which has developed even more tightly since. We all have much to thank you three for what you did back then!
  12. Hi fellow Kedronners. I have been in touch with Kim Greenwood ("Kimbo") who is seriously ill. Kimbo is one of the founding fathers of the forum, and long time members will remember him well. The history is way back in time (I don't have any idea what year!) a group of three Kedron owners with a passion for the brand, got together over a few drinks and had the brilliant idea to create this group. They were Sue Hoile (Webby), Darryl Darben (Dazmit) and Kim Greenwood (Kimbo). Ann Lynch was present too, I believe... All were tireless in their energy to create the group and kee
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