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  1. We have just bought solar panels from a supplier who was wonderful to deal with. The panels arrived promptly and are of a high quality. They are Victron brand. We purchased from David Bellette (Trip-Tracks Inc) as we knew him from the Kedron Group, and he has impeccable credentials as a supplier and installer of all things solar and lithium especially. I think we had the panels within 5 days of ordering them. The usual disclaimer applies - I have no connection with the firm. Here are the details: David Bellette Trip-Tracks Pty Ltd Email : david@trip-tracks.com.au Web: http://trip-tracks.com.au Phone: 0411 288 463 Cheers Chris
  2. We loved touring Tassie with our van. I posted trip reports here, (in 2018) so you might do a search in case you find it interesting or helpful. chris Stage 4 June 2018 Tasmania.pdfStage 3 May 2018 Tasmania.pdfStage 2 April to 2018 Tasmania.pdfStage 1 March to April 2018 Tasmania.pdf
  3. Our van floor has a small burnt patch (size of a five cent piece) that needs to be dealt with. I hope it doesn’t mean a major taking out of the floor and replacing it.
  4. Just a quick question; where do forum members buy their solar panels? We want to replace some old panels and want a recommendation for replacements. It would be good to hear why you chose the supplier, too. Thanks in advance!
  5. Here is the last trip report from this year's trip. We got home a fortnight ago and it already seems a distant memory! I hope you all enjoy it! Stage 3 Norley Rest Stop (QLD) to Barossa Valley.pdf
  6. Another instalment. In this trip report we get closer to SA, and catch up with fellow Kedronners. Stage 2 July 2022 Pine Creek to Norley.pdf
  7. Karen, I see there is a help function on Invision’s website. https://invisioncommunity.com/news/invision-community/introducing-the-alert-system-r1254/ I note they also have a forum blog with helpful features. Are they of any use? chris
  8. Hello forumites. We have moved on again (near Longreach now) and am posting the latest trip report which covers our trip from home in SA to the Top End in the NT, then back down through Mt Isa and onto Winton. I hope you enjoy the report, which includes Mary Kathleen freecamp, a delightful place to camp...and completely free. Stage 1 April 2022 Barossa to Pine Creek.pdf
  9. I don’t think you would get any better! Aren’t we so lucky!
  10. Today we travelled from Julia Creek to Winton, and are camped out on the Long Waterhole. It is super busy, so we abandoned any thought of a water view and went straight for a spot among shrubs and bushes. Peaceful down here. We see another Kedron up there on the hill…Phil and Gail.
  11. We are on the waterhole at the Julia Creek RV freecamp. It’s to a lovely spot and the sites on the water are popular. We managed to snaffle one and set up camp only metres from the water’s edge. We are here for 4 days. Across the water is another Kedron with Royce and Sue from Tasmania. We told them about our plans to go to the fabulous hot springs At Yowah, and they told us for their plans to go to a rodeo at Saxby. I have never heard of Saxby but hopefully it will be great.
  12. We are now just over the QLD border from the NT on our slow way home, and camping on the Camooweal Billabong. We chose the bottom billabong, as it’s less crowded. At a guess it’s 3 kms from the main highway to the bottom pool What a great spot. Lots of bird life, including egrets, whistling kites, a black swan, etc. This is a popular spot and by late afternoon all spots near us are taken. But no one is too close. The road in is a bit chopped up (they had recent rains, now dried out) but nothing we couldn’t handle with ease. I imagine it could get a bit dusty here but after the recent rains it is nice and fresh, In town is a good water point and dump point, so if approaching from the East, fill up before going out to the waterholes. And a bonus, last night we met up with other Kedronites who are on the forum, Liz and Gary Woods. It was great to chat!
  13. I can’t believe I didn’t reply to this post, Tony, and thank you for it. Our unit is still going OK but will keep this in mind for the inevitable moment which will be soon I fear.
  14. Yes Barry, there were other comments made, and generally they were innocuous. But one comment leads to another, and next thing we have a bun fight. Best we leave them to our own social media accounts. Thanks for being understanding.
  15. I have been an Administrator on other forums over the years and can say that some of the biggest arguments will be over politics or religion. We need to respect each others’ views on such topics, by refraining from posting political material. Any overtly political material posted on this forum will be deleted. Our Guidelines state: The following types of posts are not acceptable. Defamatory or libellous. Offensive language or sexual content. Personal abuse or unpleasantness. Incitement of racial hatred or other activities illegal under Australian law. Promotion of other sites in a way that might be expected to result in financial disadvantage to the Kedron Owners Group Committee, its Members and Forum Moderators. (Posts that promote competitor sites in a low key, friendly and responsible manner may sometimes be accepted by prior arrangement with the Kedron Owners Group Committee and Forum Moderators.) Promotion of any 'get rich quick' schemes or email solicitations to join such schemes. Unpaid advertisements or spam. Irrelevant or off-topic posts such as political or religious rhetoric. Posts not covered by any of the above, but deemed clearly inappropriate by the Forum Moderators.
  16. Look, I do have a sense of humour, but I am tired of the bashing Labor jokes. If I posted a joke about Morrison or the state of the (decimated) Liberals, I wonder how that would go down? Let’s have less political jokes.
  17. Our DC to DC unit (Redarc) is a fair age now and needs to be replaced soon. What brand do others on this site recommend? Redarc is a great brand of course, but expensive…. And yes, I know you get what you pay for. But it would be good to know if there are suitable alternatives.
  18. Tony, thanks for posting this. It could be so worthwhile to have this assistance. What a creative business idea. chris
  19. Hello fellow forumites. I almost forgot to post my final trip report. This one covers that final saunter home from Innamincka, through the Clare Valley and before that the Flinders Ranges. I wish I was still out there…. Stage 5 Innamincka to Home.pdf
  20. Another trip report! This one covers the section of our trip from central Queensland to Innamincka in SA's far North West. I hope you all enjoy reading it. Stage 4 Carnarvon to Innamincka.pdf
  21. I have always said the great value of this forum is that it is a repository of wisdom and full of accumulated information. Plus trip reports are put up here!
  22. Hi everyone. Our current trip continues and we have now arrived further inland. It has been cool but not cold - just perfect. This trip report covers the area between Kilkivan to Carnarvon Gorge, and includes Maryborough and Bundaberg. I hope its informative! Chris
  23. Hi everyone. Our current trip continues and we have now arrived further inland. It has been cool but not cold - just perfect. This trip report covers the area between Kilkivan to Carnarvon Gorge, and includes Maryborough and Bundaberg. I hope its informative! Chris Stage 3 Kilkivan to Carnarvon.pdf
  24. ...and here is the latest trip report. It covers the area between Eumungerie (Northern NSW) to Kilkivan (QLD). In this report we catch up with a few fellow Kedronners and camp in some lovely spots. Stage 2 Eumungerie to Kilkivan.pdf
  25. my favourite dish is the veal scallopine a la funghi (or something close to this spelling 😁).
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