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  1. Rod and Sue will be attending , and a yes for the dinner. Will be expecting Nev to be the new secret Santa with his full white beard unless Clive still has his. Will contact Kilkivan to book. Regards Rod and Sue. p.s. Hope all our repairs will be completed
  2. Thanks Bruce, that's fabulous. Our 9 yr old van is getting dust in too, I've tried every thing to keep some sort of pressure inside. We're on the other side of the country now after about 3,000 kms of dirt with the Plenty, Gary Junction Rd & Marble Bar to Newman in the past month, so I guess we'll be looking into 1 of these units when we get home in spring time. Meanwhile, it'll be more dust to put up with ? Sue n Rod
  3. Hi guys great you can joins us for the KOG Xmas party, wouldn't be the same with out you.

    I have made a group brooking for us, so I will let them know final numbers closer to the date. No need to book anything.

    All sites have power and water, showers at the show grounds $1.00 coins if you don't use your own.


    Penny & Nev

    1. RodnSue


      Thank you Penny , looking forward to catching up and hearing labour your holiday to Africa, it is one of our bucket list to do.

  4. Greetings all caravan and camper trailer owners – be it a Kedron or any other make and model home on wheels. You are invited to join in with loads of fun on the Weekend prior to & including Anzac Day @ Wandoan & continuing onto Quilpie if you desire for that towns Centenary. Please come to Wandoan, QLD for the Wandoan On Show Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd April 2017. Incorporating the Wandoan Show and an extended weekend of festivities focused on putting the spotlight back on the Wandoan district. Monday the 24th April is the local A
  5. Rod & Sue,

    Would you give me a ring on 0439 470 009 Wendy & I may be contenders for Sec / Treas but we would like to talk about it before committing. Thanks.



  6. Hi Grant & Carol, we too have had to learn from the hard way despite reducing the tyre pressures etc :-( I'm sure everyone has different methods to save breakages & spills, but this is what we do...... In the fridge, any screw top jars / containers were bagged individually & twist tied, then placed into a basket.......if not bagged, they still tipped sideways to spill contents on rough roads. Flour, sugar etc go into Sistema or Lock n Lock containers. Spices for cooking go into a high side rectangle basket & when on rough roads gaffa tape goe
  7. Greetings all caravan and camper trailer owners – be it a Kedron or any other make and model home on wheels. Are you looking for some fun over the Anzac Day Long weekend? Then please come to Wandoan, QLD for the Wandoan On Show weekend (Friday 22nd to Mon 25th April 2016) to help support the town. This is NOT an official Kedron Owners Group Gathering as the event is open to any caravan make, so please note that KOG Public Liability Insurance does not apply to this event. This is a general call for any traveller
  8. It sounds like a great trip Chris. We will sadly miss you when we get to the Barossa area.....not sure yet when that will be as we don't make firm plans.....just a general direction of travel. Perhaps by the time you get over to Qld we may be back home....or in the outback parts at least :-) Will have to keep in touch of where you are & when :-) Take care, happy, safe & fun filled travels Sue & Rod
  9. We'd also like to follow Colin & wish each & every one of the Kedron Family a very Merry Christmas, safe, happy & a healthy 2016. Very much looking forward to touring again & meeting more Kedron owners somewhere in the beautiful land of Oz happy travels & bird watching (Rod says feathered & non feathered :-0 ) Sue & Rod
  10. Ouch Taka, that's almost as much as vehicle rego in Qld :-(
  11. Merry Christmas Merv & Di................Qld reg for our van for 2015 was $189......so you have more $$ to spend elsewhere :-) Sue
  12. I got this recipe from a Dr whom I worked with over 20yrs ago.....he says the recipe is Modified.....but am not sure where / why :-0 Ingredients 1 cup sultanas 1/2 cup raisins, chopped 1/2 cup glace cherries, also chopped 1/2 cup hazelnuts, chopped as well 250g cream cheese 1/2 cup icing sugar 2 tablespoons Tia Maria, Kahlua or Rum 1 six pack of stubbies, cold preferably Dessicated coconut 150g cooking chocolate Method Open a stubby and sip causally When composed, mix chopped sultanas, raisins and cherr
  13. Hi Ryan I can't answer you question directly, but other members here may comment on that they took their van in on the narrow & somewhat cut away 8 km track. Last year we made the choice to leave our van somewhere else & use a tent for the 2 nights there. (We also wanted to spend 2 nights tenting @ Captain Billy Landing & that track is written up as not suitable for caravans......there were several low hanging vines along this track that would hook up the airconditioner & the last 100 mtrs is a very steep slope down to the camp spot - but you could leave the can up th
  14. Hi Ian we didn't take an electric jug, but took an old copper based camping kettle with us on our 1st long trip......it got used a few times then went into the cupboard...... never to be used again....it still takes up space in our laundry cupboard with other unused camping gear. A saucepan replaced it.......for brekky we boil enough water for coffee's & have enough to wash up cups & cereal bowl.......in the same saucepan, not in a 1/2 filled sink of water.......with this method we saved on water & gas wastage. The dinner dishes use the hot water left in the heater tank from
  15. Hi Lea many thanks for your kind words :-) Whilst I love birding & touring & taking pics of same, I love to share what I've seen. It's also a method of recording my travels..done the 21st century way with loads of photos. It initially started as a project for family & friends to read & experience our journey, but since our 2011 tour, I've had 18,900 hits to my blog collectively from any where in the world - even North Americans. Enjoy the journey too Sue
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