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  1. Finally had success. After booking the fridge whisperer to check out the 215 I decided to do a bit more looking. Found out that the condenser fan was not working all the time. Replaced it and now have -17 in the freezer and 4 in the fridge on setting 3. Also the power load has reduced from almost 9 amps to 6 amps. Fridge whisperer was not happy when I cancelled the appointment. Glad that I can now think of something else except the van fridge. Doug
  2. We are also having trouble again with our 215. Apparently the RPD 218 is still available. Question that I have is the Vitrofrigo 2600 is about the same size and is also available. Would that be a better option than the 218. Does anyone have one of these fitted and has it been satisfactory. I believe this is the fridge fitted to the new Top Enders. thanks Doug
  3. To all who may have been interested our Land Cruiser has been sold. Doug
  4. Thanks Tony. It got superseded by the Chev Are you back home yet. Doug and Lis
  5. Our 2013 land Cruiser is up for sale. It started out as a tug for our ATV but we ended up upgrading our tow vehicle. It has been a shopping trolley for the last 3 years and it is now time to down size. All the details are listed below and the vehicle is located at the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. 2013 MY 13 VX diesel VDJ200R . (All the VX features including Sunroof, Leather interior, Woodgrain panels, 7 Seater and KDSS suspension) Current milage is 78000 kms. Fitted extras include, Colour coded steel bullbar. (ARB) Safari snorkel. Split battery system with isolator and upgraded alternator fuse. Full suspension upgrade including airbags. (TJM) Roof rack. Caravan camera system. Tekonsha 3 electric brake controller. 12 volt power points in rear.(x2) Floor mats front and rear. Rear seat cover/protectors. Concealed UHF radio. Dash mat. Toyo open country tyres (80%) Toyota towing pack with 7 pin large round plug. Price is $73000 Has never been on the beach and very little gravel. We are reluctant to let it go but we do not need two large 4 wheel drives. Doug and Lis
  6. Hi all, Since my last post,which received some negative feedback, we have travelled around 15k with our Silverado/ATV combination. The shocker hitch which we have been using has had some refinements, also the airbag pressure. Mainly though is a set of Bilstein shockers on the rear. Current configuration is 15 psi in the truck airbags, 40 psi in the shocker hitch. Our normal speed is 95 kph both uphill and downdale on cruise control. Last trip to north Queensland was around 7000 kms and averaged 16 lts per 100 k's, with the boat on top. The shocker hitch takes all the bounce out of the ride and smooths everything out. With the bigger fuel tank we travelled from Camooweal to Katharine without fuelling up. Fitted a Leer canopy in Brisbane and had some modifications done in Darwin to use the boat loader off the LC. All works well and there is a lot more room to fill up with firewood and other things. PS our new choofer works a treat,( Especially when using gidgee from the road to Gregory downs) For those of you who are worried about the size of the Yank Trucks, we spent around 3 months on the sunshine coast earlier this year. We had no issues with parking, however you do need to think a bit about where you are going. The parking attendant at the Stamford hotel in Brisbane only had one comment. I will not park it in the underground carpark. Our van has been re-rated to 3900 kgs and we now know we are all good with the insurance company and the law. I guess I will need to upgrade the profile picture. All in all we are more than happy with the Chev. We came down the range from We have gained around 5 lts per 100 over the LC and it is a much more comfortable rig to handle. Van has now done close to 35k and still no issues. LC is now the shopping trolley. One think that we have noticed with the 300 odd ks up through Lawn Hill across to Normanton was that the dirt/gravel roads do not affect the towing nearly as much as the sealed roads with a lot of bounce in them. Mainly because you are not travelling as fast. Worst roads we have travelled to cause the bounce was from Charters Towers to Cloncurry and the Newel highway. One thing that the LC 's do not have is the exhaust break. We came down off the Atherton tableland to Mossman in tow haul mode with the exhaust brake and used the main brakes about three times only. Also took a wrong turn and went up the Gilles highway. Auto oil got to 89 degrees and gave me a bit of a fright but did not get any higher. 19 kms of steep and winding road is a good test for any vehicle. Anyway, we are more than happy with our Yank Truck and will have it for some time yet. thanks Doug and Lis
  7. I guess it all boils down to whether you want to be legal or not. Insurance could be a problem if something serious happened. By the way the hitch is rated to 5500 kgs and ball weight of 545 kgs. End of the day we love the Chev and what it does for us. Lets face it if we all liked the same thing it would be a boring old world. The good thing about Aus (at the moment) is we do have a choice. Doug and Lis
  8. Hi all, Had the van in for a service where they replaced the floor covering that had moved. Had a chat to Dave and Graham while we were waiting. Have now purchased a shocker hitch connection for the back of the Chev. As I mentioned we found the truck seemed to bounce a bit more than was comfortable. By the way the Chev has airbags and we have put 20 psi in them to help. Did not make much difference. Both of them mentioned that the stiff suspension tended to mask the extra bounce with the stiff suspension from the Chev. As you have seen here there has been at least one cracked chassis with these vehicles. The guy we bought the hitch off pointed out that the robustness of the Chev springs transfers a lot of the pitching onto the van. He even uses them on his goosenecks. By the way he swears by them and would not tow with stiff suspension without them. Do any of the chev/GMC/Ford owners use one of these. Will attach a picture of the hitch for reference. Apart from this the Chev is still an awesome vehicle. Currently at the Sunshine Coast and with a bit of forward planning we have not had any problems with parking. Even managed a spot at Aldi the other day. Love the chev. Doug and lis
  9. Hi All, Well after a while the Chev has spent some time in front of the ATV. Fitted the UHF under the dash with the remote handpiece on the console. Removed the drifta drawers and fridge slide from the 200 series and invested in a new national lunar fridge for the slide. (The Engel is almost 30 years old) The Hayman Reece weight distribution hitch was a bit low, so we got a direct hitch from towbars Australia which is a whisker high but OK. Hooked up the van and headed south from Darwin to Brisbane. Rolled along quite OK at mostly 95 kms/hr for a few thousand k's. Fuel worked out at 15.5 lts per 100ks. (200 averaged 21/100ks) Cruise control works a treat except in hilly country. Down the Drummond range near Alpha with the exhaust brake and tow haul mode I did not touch the brakes. Tow mode is also great in the city with traffic lights and dumb drivers. Only issue we had was the rig seemed to do a bit more diving than the 200 series. One of the solutions suggested was to use an air-hitch on the truck. Has anyone used one of these and do you think they are worth it. Overall the Chev is quite a bit better than the LC to tow with. Currently in Brisbane at the Samford Plaza while the van is being attended to. The Chev got the Concierge scratching his head as to where he was going to park it. Only issue we have now is we need to sell our 2012 Hilux as we now no longer need it. Two vehicles is enough at one time. Doug and Lis
  10. Our apologies for that. The number is 0432435494. thanks Doug
  11. Friends of ours need a caretaker on a 5acre block in Baldivis WA. It is a beautiful rural location with all amenities and close to shopping etcetera. They run an earthmoving business and need someone to watch over their valuable machinery when away. There is plenty of room for a big van. If anyone is interested or knows someone who is please please give Julie a call on +61432435435494
  12. Hi Merv, I may chase you up later for the tyres and rims from the US. Ours have done 50 k and still OK at the moment. I do like the practicality of the Telstra canopy but it makes it look like a delivery truck. I think it spoils the look of them. We will not be doing too many of the dusty tracks with it as we have done them in a tent. If we did not need to put the boat on the top we would keep the hard lid on it. Just too difficult to modify it and still work. May end up selling the hard lid. thanks Doug
  13. Hi Merv, Thanks for that. I will check it all out. Also debating whether it is necessary/essential to change the wheels to 18 inch. Canopy type is still a subject of discussion and debate. thanks Doug and Lis
  14. Hi All, Well we have joined the bowtie brigade. Picked up our 2012 model and drove it back to Darwin from Townsville. In a word WOW. Drove like a dream and only used 9.8 lts per 100 kms. Average speed around 110. Better economy than our hilux. A little bit bigger when amongst traffic but I am sure we will get used to it. Will not be able to hitch up the ATV for a few months as it is currently in Geraldton with the LC. It has a hard lid on it and we are trying to figure out how we can install the boat on top without removing or destroying it. I guess the main option is to install a canopy on it. Don't want to install a Telstra type canopy on it. The other thing is where do you all fit the UHF. In the LC we have installed behind the dash with the full remote hand piece only outside. thanks Doug and Lis
  15. Thanks to the many Kedron Owners who have provided us with all the information we needed in choosing and setting up our new ATV. Your imput has been very valuable to us.. We couldn't be happier with our new Kedron which we towed back from Qld about a month ago. We are packing up and hope to be travelling West from Darwin next week. We would love to meet other Koggers along the way so keep an eye out for us.. Many thanks to all. Lis and Doug in Darwin
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