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  1. Righto well the results are in. Apparently the fridges automatically go into a defrost mode all by themselves and there is not indication that's what they are doing. Once I had ruled out poor voltage as the problem I turned it off over night and fired it up the next morning. It is now sitting on 2.1c on setting 3. I spoke with the fridge whisper guy today at Cobulture who informed me about the auto defrost mode. His advice was if you see the temp slowly climbing. Leave the door closed and it will return to normal range within a day or so. Seems such a stupid way for the fridge to defrost as an
  2. Hi folks I have a 2013 XC with a 215 Waeco fridge. I'm currently staying at South West Rocks NSW. Max day temp has been 27c. I cannot get the fridge to get below 10.4c. I pulled the fridge out and checked whilst the compressor was running and have 14.3 volts to the compressor. The freezer is at -17c but the fridge won't drop below 10.4c. Does anyone have any idea what the problem would be. The fan is running at the back of the fridge. Fridge stats say it should pull about 7.4amps when under full load however the monitor inside the van shows it only using .3amp when the compressor i
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