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  1. Morning Jaap. i towed our ATV with the cruiser ute for a while. Power and reliability were not a problem. I spent a heap of $$$$ on upgrading gvm,suspension etc etc and it never felt safe. Used to wander around at anything over about 85KPH. it was loaded pretty heavy with boat etc .have a silverado now and it’s great. cheers Danny
  2. That's my worry.. before mine was fitted i used to have the adjustable rancho on 6 and air bags with only 20 psi.. after fitting I had put the shocks up to there max setting and put the air bags up to 60 to get the same ride height.. now i'm getting the springs reset and an extra leave or 2. really puts the weight a long way back. Especially with the auto coupler.. cheers danny
  3. Thanks for that.. i have an airsafe on the chev and it is good. Just trying to get something a bit closer in to the back of the ute and something a bit lighter.. cheers danny
  4. Hello all. just wondering if anyone has tried these?? Emailed them for more information about being compliant in Australia ?? but have had no reply as yet.. cheers Danny http://www.shockerhitch.com.au/component/content/?view=featured
  5. Hello all just wondering if anyone has had experience with isotherm compressor fridges?? cheers Danny
  6. Thanks John I have the same trailer..that fit in the boxes behind the spares on the new TE5? Cheers Danny
  7. Thanks merv.. tiss an issue.. new ATV don't do a bunk van and the topender you can't get a fold up boat trailer on the back.? Cheers danny
  8. Hello all.. tha all van found.... cheers danny
  9. You must know of the term GCM...... just because it's plated 3500kg towing doesn't mean you can tow 3500kg with a boat,outboard,fridge,350kg on the ball ,extra fuel etc etc etc..on the tow vehicle. to tow 3500kg some Can Carry VERY little weight on the tug.. some of these tow vehicles with 3500kg towing are way over their safe towing limit... do a bit of a search on real tow weighs / capacity cheers Danny
  10. I'm 100% with merv... bloody awful what people do with a ute because it says. "3500 kg" towing... cheers danny
  11. Gday Leon... Rears are 9000xls adjustable and think the fronts are too.. 9 stage adjustable same as rears.. Not home to find receipts .. cheers
  12. Gday Leon.. Put Rancho adjustable on mine and very happy with them. Doing a small trip now an they have really tightened the ute up. regards Danny
  13. Hello all. i have fitted buzzers to my canopy doors. It's very easy to drive off with them open. You generally can't see them in the mirrors. cheers Danny
  14. Gday Jaap.. we have a 22 ft internal and have had no real problems. Main thing we do in national parks/free camps is park and walk in and have a look around. We have seen a lot of people just tear in and find not enough room to park or turn around.. It can then get very frustrating especially late in the day.. cheers danny
  15. Hello all.. Very happy with our chev still. Did have problems on the sealed roads with the front end wallowing.. Put a new set of adjustable rancho's on the other day and the difference is incredible.. Cheers Danny
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