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  1. Hi Kym I had a fridge slide made for our 95l Weaco fridge. Dunn and watson made it. They manufacturer all sorts of different slides. dunnandwatson.com.au David
  2. Hi Macca I had the same thing wen we went to Tasmania in June. The diesel heater could not keep up with the amount of cold coming in from the door vent at the top and bottom of thr fridge. I ended up removing the external grill to the fridge and taping up all but the top 2 luvers on the inside. The bottom grill on the fridge i rolled up a t towel and put it in the grill. I had to put some foam over the door vent between the screen and the door. This made things better. It was June in Tasmania. It was cold for a Queenslander. I ended up putting a t towel in the top grill on the fridge. I didn't think the fridge needed the extra air flow seeing the temp only was getting to9 or 10. Regards David
  3. Hi all We picked up our AT5 up in April. It has the Truma hot water as standard. We went to Tasmania in May, June so it was a bit cool. The truma worked well in the shower. The washup water seemed to be a bit cooler. My theroy on this is that the water has further to go in the cold pipes and the stainless bowll is also cold. You dont use as mutch water in the sink to be able to warm every thing up. The thing that is good is that you turn it on and in 2 or 3 minuites you have hot water. You can also have a shower one after the other. You don't have th wait fot the water to heat up again. My opinion is that they are good. Are they worth an extra $1000 ? Cheers David
  4. This is a bit late but here are 2 photos from our recent trip to Tassie. The first one is at the Franklin dam lookout. The day we were there it was pouring rain. We were the only silley ones there. The second photo is at Lake Gardener. It is at Moina about 35 km from Cradle Mountain. This spot is a free camp for self contained vehicles. It has no facilities. We used this place as a base for a few days. We were the only ones there. In the stream beside us there were truot and platypus. It was a very tranquil. David
  5. Old Mack's farm Launceston A bit cool down to 0 We have moved on since then to Bridgeport. Bay of fires. Right on the beach looking at the sun come up over the sea.
  6. We have this to lookforwd to. Heading over on Friday for 5 weeks. David & Karen
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