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  1. Morning Jaap. i towed our ATV with the cruiser ute for a while. Power and reliability were not a problem. I spent a heap of $$$$ on upgrading gvm,suspension etc etc and it never felt safe. Used to wander around at anything over about 85KPH. it was loaded pretty heavy with boat etc .have a silverado now and it’s great. cheers Danny
  2. That's my worry.. before mine was fitted i used to have the adjustable rancho on 6 and air bags with only 20 psi.. after fitting I had put the shocks up to there max setting and put the air bags up to 60 to get the same ride height.. now i'm getting the springs reset and an extra leave or 2. really puts the weight a long way back. Especially with the auto coupler.. cheers danny
  3. Thanks for that.. i have an airsafe on the chev and it is good. Just trying to get something a bit closer in to the back of the ute and something a bit lighter.. cheers danny
  4. Hello all. just wondering if anyone has tried these?? Emailed them for more information about being compliant in Australia ?? but have had no reply as yet.. cheers Danny http://www.shockerhitch.com.au/component/content/?view=featured
  5. Hello all just wondering if anyone has had experience with isotherm compressor fridges?? cheers Danny
  6. Thanks John I have the same trailer..that fit in the boxes behind the spares on the new TE5? Cheers Danny
  7. Thanks merv.. tiss an issue.. new ATV don't do a bunk van and the topender you can't get a fold up boat trailer on the back.? Cheers danny
  8. Hello all.. tha all van found.... cheers danny
  9. You must know of the term GCM...... just because it's plated 3500kg towing doesn't mean you can tow 3500kg with a boat,outboard,fridge,350kg on the ball ,extra fuel etc etc etc..on the tow vehicle. to tow 3500kg some Can Carry VERY little weight on the tug.. some of these tow vehicles with 3500kg towing are way over their safe towing limit... do a bit of a search on real tow weighs / capacity cheers Danny
  10. I'm 100% with merv... bloody awful what people do with a ute because it says. "3500 kg" towing... cheers danny
  11. Gday Leon... Rears are 9000xls adjustable and think the fronts are too.. 9 stage adjustable same as rears.. Not home to find receipts .. cheers
  12. Gday Leon.. Put Rancho adjustable on mine and very happy with them. Doing a small trip now an they have really tightened the ute up. regards Danny
  13. Hello all. i have fitted buzzers to my canopy doors. It's very easy to drive off with them open. You generally can't see them in the mirrors. cheers Danny
  14. Gday Jaap.. we have a 22 ft internal and have had no real problems. Main thing we do in national parks/free camps is park and walk in and have a look around. We have seen a lot of people just tear in and find not enough room to park or turn around.. It can then get very frustrating especially late in the day.. cheers danny
  15. Hello all.. Very happy with our chev still. Did have problems on the sealed roads with the front end wallowing.. Put a new set of adjustable rancho's on the other day and the difference is incredible.. Cheers Danny
  16. Gday all.. we have had the DO 35 & 45 on our ATV.... On our Spinifex we have the auto coupler and like it.. Only negative is that when you are hooking up you should chock the wheels .. You will (after a while) give it a fair old shove and ifn the height is not right the van can roll away ????..... overall very happy,.. Danny
  17. Tony.. rears are RS999269.. i would ring 4WD1.....1300004931.. They got me to measure mine centre of top eye to centre of bottom eye to make sure of correct length.. JC Witney have a good web site where you put your vehicle details in and up comes all the options..I got no paperwork from them and boxes have gorn.. Ifn your not in a hurry 4WD1 will have fronts later in the year.. cheers danny
  18. Hello Tony.. i got my rears at 4WD1.com..a pretty easy web site to use and they do have phone numbers ifn in doubt.. But they have no fronts until later in the year.. I could not find adjustable rancho fronts in Australia so I got them from JC Whitney in the US.. A bit dearer but the fronts were the ones I really needed.. Front was all over the shop on those roads in QLD.. They don't ship to a Po box though.. I don't have bar or winch but I have screwed it up 3 turns.. cheers Danny PS . I also bought 2" lift blocks and put in the rear of mine..that lets the springs do the work rather than the air bags.. With the boat on the roof,outboard on the a frame and all the associated gear I still only have to put 15 psi in the bags..I don't like too much pressure in air bags as it put weight in the wrong part of the chassis as well as making them too rigid which leads to breakage..
  19. Just put a set of rancho adjustable shocks on the Silverado..really tightened up the ute..straight away you can really feel the improvement..limited use with van and heavy load but great improvement over the factory shocks.. regards Danny
  20. Morning.. our 75 series had 300ks on the clock when we took the 21 ft ATV to Tasmania.. you certainly don't see trucks running around without trailers when they are new.. cheers danny
  21. Hello all.. with the chev i don't use a WDH.. i got a forged tongue with is 3'' lift i think.. when we picked up the new van in November dion had to put 65 psi in the air bags to get it level.. this is more than i wanted so i have fitted 2'' lift blocks to the rear & only put 5 psi in the bags.. but this was with a light light load.. when the boat, motor on the drawbar [thanks Tony] etc etc etc goes on i'm shore i will need a few more psi but very happy with way it sits & drives.. cheers Danny
  22. Hello Andrew.. hawksheads are still going well..i have not found an aussie distributor but have no probs getting them from usa.. setting up for the first time was a bit fiddly but a lot easier now ..i really never have to change the settings. one of issues i have had is that the plastic caps tend to crack after a couple of years.. i had 8 sent out a while ago & also got a couple of spare sensors at the same time. they are still working very well & have saved a few tires both on the ute & van. the model i have is HD. when i rotate the tyres i just take the sensor off & put it on the ground then back on the right tyre so sensor is in the same spot.. one small trick is....I run 40 psi in the front,60 in the back & 40 in the van cold pressure..if you set your pressure to the same you will get lights flashing telling you that your tyres are over pressure.i always set mine about 3 psi over cold tyre pressure & have no problem. yes i would recommend them & find them very reliable.. regards Danny [just arrived in Tamworth]
  23. Hello Colin.. this is my second silverado & i have fitted a 30 micron filter before the factory filter on both. i use te fuel master / stanadyne. they are the same but marketed under different names. these are a pretty good filter & hopefully get most of the dirt & any water . i change this filter every 10k. shop around at diesel/oil filter specialists or google. i think its a must have these days on any common rail diesel. on this chev it sits up right next to the factory filter. regards Danny
  24. ARB are very good.. i have tig'd the appropriate fittings into an old aluminium fire extinguisher & use it as an air tank..stops the compressor cycling all the time & gives you a good supply to use the squirty nozzle. i have 2 hoes that snap together to reach the van wheels regards Danny
  25. Good morning .. the ute does look good.. i bought the TX 3100 & fitted it on the roof up near the mirror. fits good & looks pretty neat. had no trouble pushing the coax & wire behind the trim. the uhf arial i fitted on the opposite side to the standard radio arial. you will find [i think] a mounting bracket the same as for the radio on the other sid. not very good & uploading pics but if you email me i can send some.. dscurran&bigpond.com regards Danny
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