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  1. Glad to hear it got sorted out. We have RACQ ultimate cover and when in WA we were told they would not tow our van. I explained we had ultimate cover and the WA RAC man said “ don’t care who you are with”. After a further call to RACQ., the ultimate team were fantastic in organising for the van to be towed. Pays to know what you are covered for!!
  2. Hi all, We have had a diesel heater added to our van. Now I know I heard others talking about adding something to the diesel when it is really cold in place of using winter diesel. Can anyone give us some advice - don’t want to be left in the cold! Thanks, Tony & Irene
  3. This was a great weekend and it was nice to meet so many lovely people we will now regards as friends. Hope to see you all out and about soon. Tony & Irene
  4. Hi Barry & Ruth and welcome. Enjoy your van and meet you at Kilkivan. Tony & Irene
  5. Thanks for the replies-this has been useful. See you in November. Tony & Irene
  6. Hi, This may seem like a strange question but can anyone give me some ideas of what is given as a secret Santa present? Is it aimed as something for use in the van or for couples. This is our first time attending so not sure of the etiquette. Thanks, Tony & Irene
  7. We might go out to Jandowae - good cause after all!!
  8. You will love it - we love our XC3 compact. Tony & Irene
  9. Hi Graham & Liz, We have a compact that we only picked up in March this year. Before that we towed a 1 tonne 33 year old Millard Micro. Yes the van is heavier and we have noticed a weight difference but our compact is easy to tow and we are getting used to it. It's first trip was a four week adventure north to Cooktown and via the Bloomfield track. Our 79 series cruiser towed it without a concern. We love our compact - we have the combined shower/ toilet model and have found that very workable, great kitchen and heaps of storage. We put bike racks on the front box and love that
  10. Hi Chris, no the van was new and we love it. We live near Bribie Island in South-east Queensland but do hope to catch other Kedron van owners on the road as we do love to get away. Tony & Irene
  11. Hi, we picked up our beautiful compact van in March and took it away for a trip to Northern Queensland. We love getting away to explore new places but work does get in our way at times. Hope to meet some of you on the road somewhere / sometime. Tony & Irene
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