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  1. Thanks guys, some very useful information there.
  2. Thankyou Sandra and Clive, good after sales service is reassuring to hear.
  3. Thankyou Tony & Irene for the response. I will do some research on the Aussie Traveller lightweight annex. I think my wife and I will go out to the yard and ask some questions. The weight is certainly in the ballpark. Allan
  4. Hi all, After watching countless videos and researching online trying to educate ourselves on the Kedron Compact range, I still have a few questions please. First a bit about our needs just for some context in case it helps the replies. About 2 or 3 times a year we do some fire trail/track work into private properties and stay for a week. Some of the tracks are pretty extreme steep and are impassable without clearing first etc. The rest of our towing is mainly caravan parks. We have a 2011 VW Amarok which we purchased new. It has towed our van for the last ten years without one single problem, apart from a headlight bulb, one battery, and a set of tyres. It is an early model and only has a GVM of 2800 kg, and GCVM of 5500kgs. Which is not a problem with the Jayco as it GVM is 2200kg. If possible we would like to keep our Amarok as it’s never let us down and is so economical. If we have to we will upgrade to a 580NM V6 model, however the 4 cylinder has been doing the job so well for 10 years, so if it ain’t broke why spend more money. Can you please please confirm.. What is the Tare and GVM of the compact range? How long can you run the van including the fridge off grid in rainy weather? We are used to a gas fridge so power has never been an issue for us in the past. A lot of our remote camping is during the March/April wet season in SE Queensland, and we also run a large Engel freezer outside the van. We normally carry extra water in the back of the Amarok and top up during the week. What is the total water carrying capacity of the Compact? Can you have an extra water tank instead of the grey water tank? Can anyone recommend a good annex to suit the Compact. Are they simple to set up and pack up? And lastly, I cannot find any pricing on the Compact range? I understand it will be considerably and you get what you pay for, but an approximate would be useful at this stage. I understand that I could probably call a salesman and get most of my answers, but I am interested in owners first hand opinions based on experience with the Compact. Thankyou in advance Allan
  5. Good morning all, my name is Allan. My wife and I are not Kedron owners (Yet). However we are trying to plan ahead a little bit and will be looking to upgrade our current Jayco. At this point the Kedron compact seems to stand out ahead of the pack. Thankyou
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