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  1. Yes have spoken to Robyn at service-she is not interested in the problem and has suggested l get a dust reduction unit at the price of approx $2500. Do you have the unit installed in your van?
  2. Thanks Tony-I would have expected an off road van to not take as much dust as this one does.Very disappointed to have spent so much money on a van that doesn't live up to its reputation.
  3. We have a 2013 Topender and are permanent travellers around this beautiful country. However, whenever we travel on dirt roads, the whole inside of the van ends up with dust everywhere, including the ensuite. We tape up the water heater and the door. Any ideas?


    Hi everyone Another question.What can you do to stop midges and mozzies getting into your van-think they are coming in through the fridge vent.Could we attach flyscreen wire inside the vent or would that block off too much air? Any other ideas? Thanks John and Lynne
  5. Hi all Tried the purple and deoxidiser-magic!Thanks for the tip. John and Lynne
  6. Thanks for your answers-will definitely try them.
  7. Hi all Just wondering if anyone has any ideas for getting rid of half a dozen black marks on shower checkerplate floor.I think it has been caused by chemical reaction (plating out) to a particular soap. Thanks John and Lynne


    Ok-thanks everyone for your replies.


    Hi all Just asking-can l use a hi lift jack to do a tyre change instead of a trailermate jack? Cheers John
  10. Thanks Steve and Kaz-we are loving the new van-still getting familiar with all the bells and whistles.No doubt the travel bug will bite you again. Cheers John and Lynne
  11. Hi everyone We are the happy owners of a 2013 Topender which we purchased from Hobart last weekend.We have sold up and are now on the road permanently.After travelling extensively in a camper trailer and smaller vans, we decided to go with a bigger van with all the luxuries. We are looking forward to many more adventures in this beautiful, vast country. John and Lynne
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