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  1. Loved the report - and the sunlit lizard. Sorry to hear about your brother but at least you got there in time.
  2. Update done and website seems to be alright. Crisis averted
  3. I have been onto Panthur and moved our PHP to 7.4. Now to attempt full update. Keep your fingers crossed
  4. Hello members and guests to the Kedron Owners Group Inc website. I am looking for anyone who is computer tech savy to help with an issue on the website. I have a graphics background but no idea about the behind the scene workings of the website. Our current host - Invision recently changed there help to us and I find myself in a bit of a pickle. If you think you might have the necessary skills please contact me. Thanks
  5. until
    - 2nd to 5th December for Christmas gathering, to be held at Rubern Lagoons Tourist Park (private property) just outside of Chinchilla Qld. Thank you Sandra for your suggestion. I will be asking for indication of numbers around late August. They have 30 powered sites and approx 20 unpowered sites. Current fee is $25.00 pn for power. Please refer to WikiCamps for further info on camp site.
  6. Webmaster

    Kilkivan Gathering and AGM

    - 14th to 17th October , members Rob & Jewel have offered their property at Kilkivan for this gathering. Past gatherings have been great, and I thank Rob & Jewel . We will hold our AGM during this gathering . Full details will be announced later.
  7. Yes I can see a later post where they say it has gone to a new home - I will put sold on it so no one is confused.
  8. Bas, I thin the links are broken. None of the funnies/pictures are coming up.
  9. Not sure about tape but our awning was 7.5 years old so we had it replaced.
  10. Interesting, very interesting
  11. Received this email from Leisa saying good bye to all the Kedron Caravan Owners. 21st February, 2022 To All of the Kedron Caravan Owners / Family, It is with mixed emotions, that after fourteen years, many hair dyes, and wrinkles, I wish to inform you that my time as Receptionist for Kedron Caravans is coming to an end. My last day with Kedron will be Wednesday 23rd February, and I wanted to take this opportunity to let all of the past, present and future customers know how much I have enjoyed working with you over years. I have greatly appreciated the support, acknowledgements, and laughs, during my time at Kedron Caravans. It has been a pleasure getting to know everyone, as owning a Kedron really is more than just a purchase, it is joining a family. The friendships I have gained will be with me for life. I wish everyone Safe & Happy Travels in their vans, and hope that maybe one day, to see you on the road. Kindest Regards Leisa Cook
  12. Welcome to the group Reinhold, hope you enjoy the CP5
  13. until
    Hello fellow travellers , We are organising a gathering at the above festival ( thank you Tony for the suggestion) . Group bookings open in March and I will need an idea of approx number of attendees to advise event organisers. Some information is as follows - Camping on site from Wed 27th to Monday 1st August . If you stay 1 night or 5 nights the fee is the same. - NO powered sites , generators permitted 7am to 8pm - Water taps located around grounds , No hook-up is permitted. - Dump point at Tara Lagoon Parklands next to festival site - Pets permitted on leash in camp ground only , not in festival site unless pet is a camel. Once approx. numbers are known event organisers will allocate the group a code to enable each of us to make the booking. So it would be appreciated if people would reply below (or FB page post) with their intention to attend this festival with the KOG. This is a bi-annual event and last festival had approx. 3000 attendees. Cost of the festival will be approx. $200 for the 5 nights and for all festival event entries. Please refer to their web site www.tarafestival.com.au Regards Rod Lee
  14. until
    More info too follow
  15. Loved the report. We have felt the same on several occasions....run, run, run. On the home straight now and it does make you sigh a little. Still have fingers crossed nothing is going to happen over the next couple of weeks but think we will be fine (knock on wood).
  16. Thanks Bas, I look forward to your tuesday jokes
  17. My word you get yourself into pickles Mr Heat. Poor Annie must be tearing her hair out. I would say that about you but from last I remember it was already gone. Hope all works out soon. We are sitting in Katherine awaiting WA to open without isolation so we can cross the border and head for home.
  18. We have under gone a website update. You may notice some new ratings come up depending on how much you use the site. I am checking the different folders but everything seems to be working.
  19. until
    More info to follow
  20. We leave the state and everyone has a gathering.
  21. Strange you get so much dust in the van. After some initial dust we tracked down most places and don't have many problem at all in our 2013 Topender.
  22. Did you check the Information and services forum on the site. People who have been in to people in different states put the relevant people they went to their?
  23. We went past there once. Looked great but had been raining a lot and was very wet. Have a great time. We finally have a couple of days of sunshine
  24. until
    GUM TREE LODGE & BUSH CAMP, HOWARD HEIGHTS ROAD HOWARD, QUEENSLAND FRIDAY 28th - MONDAY 31st MAY 2021 Pack up your van and come join us at Gum Tree Lodge at Howard. (Check them out on Wiki Camps or their Facebook page) This is a lovely bush camp for the over 50's in self contained vans. Sorry, but they do not have any facilities for children. However George (the owner) does have a great selection of classic cars and caravans, and of course there is George's Diner. I have reserved some powered sites for us, but there are also unpowered sites available. There is good Telstra Reception, Open fire pits, Nice walks, Dump point, Pet Friendly Howard is a lovely historic town, not far from Childers, Hervey Bay and Maryborough to name a few. There is a pub, butcher, bakery, coffee shop, IGA, and the popular Van Cootens Drapery store, this is one for the craft ladies. There is so much material, patchwork fabric packed in a smallish shop. Well worth the visit just to have a look. I was thinking we could have a meal at the pub and they will send their courtesy bus to pick us up and return us to the park. If you would like that please indicate and we can organize something for the Saturday night. Have I got you interested, but you want to know the cost!!! Powered sites are $30 pn If you stay 4 nights you pay for 3 You can pay on arrival by card or cash. There is no need to contact the park direct. For any further information please phone me on 0428 997 096. Sandra and Clive
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