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  1. Thanks for the help. we've found Telstra, Jaycar etc of no assistance. We live in Melbourne so we will fossick arounc down here to get it resolved. Thanks John & Tricia
  2. Hi all. We have recently taken possession of a new ATV with a next G aerial. I understood it to give better reception to both mobile phone &/or computer modem. Graham at Kedron said to get a patch lead to attach to the phone & the connection point in the van. I have purchased a patch lead from telsra that fits our phone however it will not fit the connection in the van. I have been to several places but to no avail and when I describe the connection inside the van the dealers at places like Jaycar believe it is incorrect connection in the van. Could any one who has a next g connection that they work successfully please advise on what to do. Thanks in anticipation. We head off on Saturday up to the Kimberley :smile: Tricia
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