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  1. Hi Rick & Lea, When the rig needs a good clean I use a magic sponge on both and Mothers car polish on both. I get a lot of comments on the finished product. Magic sponges are not cheap but once you try them you be converted. p.s. they are also great for cleaning the showers.(www.magicsponge.com.au) Barra Pete
  2. Thanks everyone for your feedback from your experiences. It was a little confusing at the start but now I have a fair idea how to proceed & set up the communications. I live on the north side of Brisbane so I'll make contact with Matt from Wincom to help assist me further. Thanks again, looking forward to meeting you on the road & feel part of the Kedron family. Cheers Barra Pete
  3. I am after some advice on aerials. I plan to do the big lap in January 12. The advise I have been given is I need 2 aerials; 1 for the phone & 1 for the computer. My 2007 ATV2 does not any aerials. The installation of Next G aerials on either side of the awning seems a daunting and costly installation. Does any KOG have any advice for a solution around this situation. Thanks Barra Pete 833
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