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  1. I have a LC 76 series V8 Wagon and I had a long range fuel tank from Davis and Brown in Melb and it split at the back were they weld the angle peace on to bolt the tank to the vehicle. To cut a long story short Davis and Brown informed me that the 76 series toyotas have a problem the movement of the chassis and that is what caused the tank to split.The vehicle has had no off road driving only dirt road. My question is has anyone had this issue with toyota 76 series wagon. Thanks
  2. We are only able to receive SBS digital with our Wineguard wind up(TV TESTED AND OK)and I have been told that they are designed for horizontal signal and the area that we are in Hervey Bay has veritical signal. Aerial is 5 years old Is this correct, has anyone had this issue and how can it be fixed.
  3. Rusty D

    Fridge Fuse

    Thanks for your comments it made me look further found 2 in line fuses pushed into solar controller box, had to take of wall to open box. Yes one was the fridge. :thumbsup:
  4. Rusty D

    Fridge Fuse

    I have a 4 year old Kedron and the power to the fridge is not working, the Kedron docs say that the fuse is on top of the left battery but it is not and I have tested evey fuse. The kedron docs also say that the radio is off left row fuse 3 but it stoped when the fridge stopped. Do they have in line fuses in the walls or something
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