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  1. Kevin And Judy

    Birdsville races

    Thanks for the replies will put a UFH radio on the list. May get a couple of wheel bearing kits .
  2. Kevin And Judy

    Birdsville races

    Hi Thinking of going to the Birdsville races from Sydney .Taken 4 to 5 weeks off work . I have check with the camp site and Have been informed that it full as expected . Any one got advise on any other camp site near by. Picked a rout going in by Longreach ,Winton, Boulia hope to stay 4 to 5 nights all advise will be appreciated. Thinking of fitting a UHF radio to the cruiser. Any one else going
  3. Kevin And Judy

    Adelaide back to Sydney

    Hi we will be picking up 2014 XC318 ft Kedron in the start of May from Adelaide and taken a week to get back to Sydney. I got the Clearview mirrors Getting air bags fitted to the rear springs It comes with Mc Hitch no sway bars looks like it never has had sway bar fitted. Will I need sway bars or not Looking at getting camera for car. Advises on any other kit. Rig land cruiser 200 Kedron atm 3000 kg Tow ball weight 170 kg Tare 2300 kg Regards Kevin